Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday, December 09, 2016

Religious Consumerism...

It isn't shopping for the church that best fits me, but discipleship in the Lord.


A Short Course on Feminism

S. M. Hutchens

The Death of Sweden

The useless female security guard... Swedish security guards attacked by vicious gang on subway

NuWho... Still Needs to Die

Meanwhile old people can be nostalgic about their preferred mass entertainment...


"I love superhero movies because they make me feel like I could be a superhero and I don't have to do anything to change myself so I can be a warrior."

We are surrounded by something worse than boys. Boys love stores about brave heroes because they aspire to be one day. Our psychologically maldeveloped males aspire to be SJWs.

When the Villains Are White

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Cha Siu Bao BBQ Pork Buns

Was doing a search related to the song "Christmas in San Francisco"...

San Francisco’s 11 Best Pork Buns You Won’t Find at Dim Sum Spots

Heard this for the first time yesterday:

Along with "Christmas in San Francisco" the two Christmas songs don't really do much to make San Francisco seem like anything bout a soulless metropolis.

American Gunfighter, Episode 7

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Compatible with a Old Right Perspective?

Commemorating Pearl Harbor, even though FDR was arguably responsible for provoking Japan, and though an attack was expected, insufficient warning was given to those under his command.

The Case for Pearl Harbor Revisionism by Stephen J. Sniegoski

PJB: Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor?

The Colonel

Silence Ensemble

This May Sound Good

but will the marriages be sexless because of a lack of sexual attraction? Supposedly Japanese woman are not so accomodating with respect to the marital debt.

Japanese men and women 'giving up dating and marrying friends'

Anthony Bourdain on Rome

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Rome Essay

SJW whiners infesting Anthony Bourdain Says There’s ‘A Little Fascist’ in Us All by Tim Forster
Parts Unknown’s Rome episode gets political


At least it's better than Red Cross... still one would think that institutional bloating and SJW convergence would affect even Catholic organizations, especially as the liberal gospel pushes out the true Gospel.

It's About Time

Obama signs onto women registering for Selective Service

Maybe DJT will reverse this and women in combat MOS as well, maybe he won't...

2017 Message for World Vocations Day

An Early SJW Movie

The Way We Were... directed by (((Sydney Pollack) featuring a hook-up between a politically active Jewish woman played by (((Barbara Streisand))) and a WASP man played by Robert Redford, who fails to live up to her standards.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

It's great how the people living in Silicon Valley add support to Putnam's findings about the loss of social capital and trust.

Fr. Cantalamessa as Papal Preacher

More with Scorsese

Needless Politicization?

An Exhibit in Faneuil Hall