Sunday, January 20, 2019

Syria KIAs Identified

When selective service is expanded to include women will they reconsider their embrace of feminism or its supposed "benefits"?

Kyrie eleison.

Breitbart: U.S. Military Identifies Three Americans Killed in Syria Attack

Can Her Method Be Purified?

Marie Kondo's Shintoism

And with that Netflix nuAmerican SJW celebrity:

Mojin: The Worm Valley

Don't know how Mainlanders can watch something so obviously fake. It's like watching a video game movie, or animation, but worse because of the live-action element mixed in.

Sebastian Junger on Tribe


Joe Rogan Experience #975 and #1034

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Gordon Ramsay with the Royal Marines

John Wick Chapter 3

I knew Halle Berry had been cast for the girl power element.

New Rector of St. Patrick's

Archdiocese of San Francisco: Bishop Robert F. Christian, O.P., named Rector of St. Patrick Seminary

The Archdiocese of San Francisco announces that the Most Reverend Robert Christian, O.P., Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco, has been appointed Rector-President of St. Patrick Seminary, effective January 14, 2019. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said, “I am excited that Bishop Christian, a man of deep love for the Church and extensive academic achievement, will be leading the seminary during its next phase of development and growth.”


What Geniuses!

The creators of this ad -- no way it's going to backfire on them or repel even their supporters.


Breaking Bad + Witness + Banshee

Tripling Down

Rollo Tomassi, Gender War

It's Not Either/Or

Dreher's series on Spain published while he has been on his book tour there Has been interesting. But why should European Christians be resigned to the long defeat at a political level? European Christians can rebuild their local churches and embrace ethnonationalism and act accordingly at the political level. But Rod Dreher will never support the latter.

St. Vicente & The Benedict Option By ROD DREHER

An Announcement from President Trump in 2.5 Hours

From his visit to the border last week:

An Army in Decline

Season 2 of STD off to a Bad Start

Just an Excuse to Post Something About Japan

Impressionnants exercices des troupes aéroportées russes

The Tenth Week

What problems with seminary formation?

CNA: Sister resigns from Detroit seminary after sex abuse allegations

Salve Regina

Friday, January 18, 2019

Not Quite a Stay-at-home Dad

But close enough? Is there a gender message in the movie?