Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Does She Get it Correct?

The Orthodox Need to Watch Out Too

or they will play into the hands of the SJWs. They should focus on integrating with historic American peoples instead of acting like civic nationalists in service of the state.

They Say They Don't Ordain Women to the Priesthood

but with the last two examples in mind, I see plenty of women posing as Roman Catholic priests and bishops and even cardinals.

Again, Not a Surprise from the Archbishop of Boston

Cardinal O'Malley on Charlottesville

SJW Here, SJW There, SJWs Everywhere

Makes one wonder if these bishops imagine themselves to be Pope Gregory VII.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tell It to the Feminists

Guns of Honor

The New Guns of Honor? by Clyde Wilson - same complaints at Amazon

Lincoln and Corporatocracy

Lincoln, Crony Capitalism, and Populism by Norman Black

"Guilt by association."

Incidentally, when the MSM found out the first interviews that James Damore did were with Stefan Molyneux and Dr Jordan B Peterson, they were quick to characterize both men as being alt right/far right, even though they are more accurately characterized as libertarian/classical liberal.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Calhoun the Marxist?

By Brion McClanahan

Neo-conservatives can’t seem to make up their mind about the Confederacy. They all agree that the Confederacy represented everything evil about early America (which places them squarely in league with their intellectual brothers on the… »

Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets

Ruptly TV

R. Spencer

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Peter Hitchens on First Light

Reflections on 'First Light' a memoir by a Spitfire pilot, Geoffrey Wellum

I probably agree with his first paragraph in regards to the "Greatest Generation":

As I grow more and more disenchanted with the myths about World War Two, what do I think about those, such as my own father, who took part in it and endured hardship and danger in defence of this country? Actually, my respect and admiration for them grows. They had all been through the 1930s, that ‘low, dishonest decade’. They had, almost always, a poor political and strategic grasp of the events that were to engulf this country. They had not been prepared in any serious way for what they had to face. Those who suddenly called upon them to fight and possibly die, were themselves too old to face the consequences of their own policies.

But did the Greatest Generation win the war but lose the peace?

New Adaptation of P&P Planned

Pride and Prejudice to Be Adapted by Poldark Producers for ITV

I hope this won't be updated for a modern audience. SJW Austen?

Liberalism and Statism

Talk about the error of liberalism is not enough by itself; it goes hand in hand with statism, and those who use it for the sake of amassing power must be discussed as well. Liberalism is the tool of the modern nation-state that seeks to be all-encompassing, and liberal philosophers are useful idiots at the service of the state.

Peter Hitchens:
What were all these things about? Why, personal autonomy. Their central slogan was ‘I can do what I like with my own body and nobody can stop me. How dare you tell me what I can do with it?’

The paradox, well understood by Aldous Huxley, is that the person who proudly yells this battle cry also meekly accepts that in return he must surrender his mind, his privacy and his wealth to the power of the parental state.

In Michael Booth’s book, it all came together in an intentional, deliberate pattern. These things are connected. And it is the absence of the Christian conscience which makes them possible, and which is their enemy and rival. The new all-powerful parental state, the war against the married family, the scorn for conscience, the loud demand for personal autonomy and the rage against those who suggest it is in any way limited by morality or law, are all one cause, reborn in the West since the collapse of the USSR and advancing fast on all fronts. I saw it in Moscow and after my return from there, but instinctively. As so often, my instincts were right, and it has taken long years for my understanding and knowledge to catch up with them.

The Almost Nearly Perfect People: The Truth About the Nordic Miracle
NPR Interview

Jordan Peterson Interviews the Former Google Employee

We all know his name now, right?


Kyrie eleison.