Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Stolen Children (Il Ladro di Bambini)

Remembered seeing the trailer when it first became available, but never had the opportunity to watch the movie in the theater. Should see if this one is available on blu-ray.

Bad Education

This movie is based on a true story; but someone decided to cast a nuAmerican nuAustralian to be a student reporter. Is she the heroine who uncovers the scandal? The leftists are relentless.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

An Abortion Allegory?

I don't care for horror movies, but perhaps this one could be interpreted as an anti-abortion movie.

A Good Backpack?

Very Sloppy

This doesn't even rise to the level of moral theologizing, as there is no attempt to analyze the proof text for the relevant principles and a determination of their application to the current situation.

Rorate Caeli: Leo XIII -"Man Precedes the State": A State that Destroys Jobs is Destroying the Primary Instinct of Man -- Self-Preservation

AAM #StreamingSundays

Some Podcast Interviews

What do they have in common? They're not so quiet...

Andy Stumpf: World Record Holder & Navy SEAL Veteran - KILL CLIFF Podcast Interview

Cannonball Mindset Podcast - Chadd Wright, former Navy SEAL

Navy Seal Mindset For Living Your Best Life With Chadd Wright and Lewis Howes

The Power of the Spoken Word with Chadd Wright

Conversation #101 - Chadd Wright - Former Navy SEAL & Ultrarunner

Search Out 서치 아웃

Friday, March 27, 2020

The Witch Introduces Stricter Measures to Contain COVID-19

Time to Address This Inequality Gap

The photo is the joke.

A normal man would feel shame if he were unable to pull his weight in a combat situation or some other dangerous situation when other men were depending on him. Women? How many of them feel entitled to men pulling their weight for them because despite their choice of "profession," they need a man's help or protection? Plenty of videos online of LEOs making an arrest or engaged in a gunfight with a suspect. The females usually hang out in the back, taking a fake "support" position. This moral sickness needs to end.

Culture as Indoctrination

RMJ Tactical S13 Shrike

and product page

It's Not So Easy

In urban mass population centers, as anywhere else, it’s going to take more than “Hi” and “How are you doing?” Community is not formed overnight nor through superficial interaction, and meaningful interaction takes more than simple personal contact. There must be observation of the other, acting for the other, “judging,” and the development of trust.

CWR Dispatch: Forming virtual communities in viral times by Russell Shaw
In an odd way, the pandemic is—or at least can be—a community-forming event.

Academics should be the last (but ideologues are the very last) to be lecturing others about "us" and "community." Why is there selfishness? Why is there a lack of solidarity? And what details did Gilkey gloss over or ignore in his narrative? Was there any informal (or even formal) means of discipline by the interned community to police itself?

“The thin polish of easy morality” and our present crisis by Dr. Randall B. Smith
What does it mean when a crisis brings out our worst qualities, rather than our best?

Langdon Gilkey: Shantung Compound: The Story of Men and Women Under Pressure

Intro to Night Vision Use

Another Plenary Indulgence

For those who attend to the blessing by television or radio or in person. Is there anything more representative of the exaggerated claims of the bishop of Rome? Would any non-Latin(non-latnized) church presume to do this? I don't think so. There's a reason why the theology indulgences and the practice of "giving" indulgences did not develop elsewhere.

CWR Dispatch: Full text: Pope Francis’ “Urbi et Orbi” meditation

Choral Evensong


Debt Forgiveness, Debt Jubilees, and Personal Responsibility

Michael Hudson: Our Neo-Feudal System Is on the Verge of Collapse and A Debt Jubilee Is the Only Way to Avoid Depression

Vox Day: The need for a debt jubilee and The answer to the "responsibility" objection

Paul Craig Roberts: Everything Accomplished During the Great Depression to Make Capitalism Workable Has Been Taken Away Resulting in Economic Crisis that Only Debt Forgiveness Can Mitigate and Debt Forgivness and Nationalization Are the Answers to the Economic Crisis

Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts: A Brady Bond Solution for America’s Economic Crisis and Unpayable Corporate Debt

Many have rejected debt jubilees and debt forgiveness because it is "unfair" to those (usually including themselves) who kept themselves out of debt. Bragging about having shown personal responsibility within a system that doesn't care about you while showing no solidarity with others who failed those traps? It is almost like the Boomer boast of how they are self-made people and that younger generations should be more like them. It's as if your obeying the rules of the system somehow give you merit -- sure it's framed in the language of responsibility, justice, and so on, but who is defining these terms and with what laws? The laws of the oligarchs. If some somehow prevail and stay debt free, while the weak are exploited, should they look down on those who are exploited? Have they walked in their shoes? Do they know their personal circumstances? Some of those with debt may be irresponsible flakes but are all of them like that? What have you done to encourage personal responsibility for them? If you say that you have no connection to these people, and that you have no responsibility for them, then they are the responsibility of others, and the state. What is it to you if the state decides to undertake certain measures to protect them? You couldn't do so, or you weren't willing to do so.

If you don't like what the system is doing, then work to change it, but show some consideration to those vulnerable to exploitation by the oligarchs and guide them, when possible.

Would Pope Francis Go Along With This?


Former UK Prime Minister Calls For Global Government to Fight Coronavirus by Paul Joseph Watson
Gordon Brown wants new powers for international bodies to deal with outbreak.

Andy Chan Ho-tin 陳浩天

AmConMag: Why I’m Nominating a Hong Kong Freedom Fighter for the Nobel by Jason Morgan
As the China-originated coronavirus reminds us, truth and democracy must always prevail over lies and authoritarianism.


Mgr John Armitage Shares the History of Walsingham

Crisis: Be England Thy Dowry by Christopher Ortega and The World Must Come to Walsingham by Michael Warren Davis


Bp Athanasius Schneider & Dr Taylor Marshall discuss Theology and Liturgy

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Peaceful Hostile Takeover

The Wrong Spokeswoman for a Real Problem?

Sandro Magister: The Cry of Lucetta Scaraffia Against Another Plague: The Abuse of So Many Women in the Church

What is her justification for this claim?

I therefore think that at this moment of history it is the task of the laity, and primarily of women, strong in the preference given to them by Jesus as shown in the Gospels, to fight for the rebuilding of our beloved Church, by bringing the truth to light. Nothing good is ever built on lies, one cannot even draw from the treasury of tradition anymore, as we see these days.

The fight against abuse is driven forward with more clarity and determination by women, who often speak the truth with courage and without losing sight of love for the Church. I would just like to mention Marie Collins, the Irish victim whom Pope Francis had called to join the commission on abuse and who - alone - had the courage to resign when she saw that there was no serious progress in the right direction, publicly denouncing this.

Rangers Big 5 Philosophy

Interview with William Cheung