Sunday, May 26, 2019


Kalashinkov Komrad

SHOT Show 2019

Let's blame the devil, and then?

Of course in spiritual warfare one must fight through prayer and other acts. But what else is needed to rectify the current situation in the institutional church? Is the latest motu proprio enough? Msgr. Pope, agreeing with Bishop Robert Barron, thinks so:

True Reform Will Come — If You and I Remain Steadfast by Msgr. Charles Pope
As the U.S. Bishops’ June meeting draws near, it’s time for faithful Catholics to regain our focus

Given the continuing breakdown of all traditional roles and failure of the bishops to police themselves, the question is whether the laity should be doing anything else in addition to prayer. According to one model of church authority, no. But what does our Lord want? What if He expects the laity to have a part as well? What if the problem is clericalism, just not in the way outlined by the current bishop of Rome?

Voice Sexism!

This Is a Black Comedy?

Or a hit piece against "toxic masculinity"?


Grace Slick's Vocal Track for "White Rabbit"


Memento Mori

A reminder for Christians, but especially those who will be stuck in blue urban areas when things really get bad.

Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom Ceremony Honoring Cardinal Joseph Zen

Tang > Han

Not enamored with the Yuan.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

An Endorsement of The Highwaymen

Peter Hitchens:

I can still remember the explosive effect of the film Bonnie and Clyde more than 50 years ago. The violence, now normal, was deeply shocking, the suggestion of sympathy for two rather sordid gangsters was subversive.

So when I heard of The Highwaymen, a film telling the story from the side of the lawmen who hunted the pair, I was anxious to see it at the cinema. Alas, it never made it. I was forced to watch it at home on a subscription service.

I thought it rather good. The depiction of Depression America and the ghastly scenes when the two dead criminals are put on display are especially worth seeing.

But it has no superheroes or special effects, so someone somewhere assumed it would not be good box office. A pity, and can our cinemas survive long with such an attitude?

4.2 Million Subscribers

李子柒 Liziqi

Han nationalist channel? Who's backing her?

VD: China rejects civic nationalism

Night Stalkers

Trying to Get as Much Cash as They Can from the Property

There were several nods to Bruce Lee's Game of Death, and the modernized ninjas were interesting but the movie suffers from too much of the same, stylized shooting choreography. After the first 2 movies, I am a bit tired of that, and the hand-to-hand action was refreshing by comparison. Also, I found the unrealistic special armor to just be stupid. Did they intend all along to have a 4 (or more)-part series? I thought he was going to take on the High Table in 3.

And yet, what of your betrayal?

Remnant: FORGOTTEN HATE CRIMES: Martyred Catholics in China by Teresa Marie Moreau

What of International Law Regarding the Acceptance of Refugees?

Greece is not next to Afghanistan. Who is giving her access to the media?

L'Acte 28

Weaker Vessels

Perhaps men should refrain from using Cru crude language or profanity around women, not because they are delicate ladies, but because they need men to reinforce standards of conduct through example, lest the women start to regularly use such language when men are around. (They already might be using such language when only women are around, depending on their class/socioeconomic background.)


Johnny Cash in the Nixon White House

AmConMag: When Pat Buchanan Brought Johnny Cash to the Nixon White House by Jack Hunter
It didn’t go exactly as planned. But for TAC’s founder, this is where his populist antiwar movement may have begun.

Tim Kennedy

Friday, May 24, 2019

Lauren Southern's Project

Edit. Youtube is preventing access.

It Will Be Crap


"We Must End Oppression and Bigotry Now"

Not Old Man Logan but Old Man Picard. More likely than not, this will be inundated with SJW messaging, because Picard's faith in Starfleet and its mission needs to be rekindled.