Saturday, October 25, 2014

First Teaser for the Final Season of Justified

Natural Grocers

Tomorrow Night

A Reminder to Myself

I Think I'll Be Missing This Again

This Shouldn't Be So "Radical"

The Millennial Restaurant By Adam Gopnik
Alice Waters created the new American cuisine in Berkeley. The French are waiting to see what she’ll do in Paris.

So Close, But Still Unaware of the Foundation

The Death of the Parish
A Motor-driven ecclesiology by David T. Koyzis

We cannot, of course, return to a pre-automotive past. That option is closed to us. However, what if every new church building were to forgo the ubiquitous parking lot in the interest of restoring a normative ecclesiology? Might it force the churches to reach out to their own neighborhoods? Might it compel people to re-embrace the parish model, attending the church to which they can most easily walk? Or have the corroding powers of consumerism eliminated this as a viable possibility once and for all? Giving up our motorized vehicles will not happen any time soon, short of our oil wells finally running dry. In the meantime, we should do what we can to advance and support an ecclesiology less obviously dependent on the consumer model and more dependent on the grace of God in Christ.

We may not want to, but we will have to.

Eduardo Echeverria on Ecumenism

Ecumenism, Rightly Understood by Eduardo Echeverria

Who Will Mobilze Disaffected Whites

on the "left"? Via a comment at VoxDay - "The long and short of it, OWS was initially a movement about getting justice against those who were perceived directly responsible for the 2009 recession. It didn't take long for it to get hijacked by every liberal under the sun to be about any and all issues concerning the far left wing, including those concerned with allegations of societal sexism/racism and every other ism under the sun. Given that the people who started OWS were predominantly white and predominantly male (though not exclusively), they were ousted from their positions as the movement grew too large to control by social justice extremists through the form of "progressive stack", a type of moderation of discussion that ensures people with too much "privilege" are given less say."
I think I can better understand why some Eastern Catholics decided to "dox" -- they felt more at home within Orthodoxy than without -- culturally, being with others who shared the same beliefs. What about the Eastern Catholics? Here at least, the Ruthenians seem to be dwindling in numbers. The non-Anglo ethnic Orthodox, like the Byzantine Catholics, need to find an answer to the question of how they relate to the native culture and what sort of inculturation is to be undertaken in evangelizing those around them (and increasing their numbers). Is Byzantine Christianity too foreign to Anglo-Americna culture? At this point I feel as if I have more in common with Eastern Christians, including the Orthodox, with respect to Christianity than with Latins.

Comic Book Movie Overkill

Destroy All Monsters: Marvel vs. DC Could End The Moviegoing World

Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Marriage for Chae Rim

She Has a New MV Coming Out on Monday

In her face I can see her clock ticking though...

The Parting Glass by Al Petteway and Amy White

The Wisdom of Bill Kauffman

Love Is the Answer to Empire
Reclaiming citizenship means rescuing the color and vitality of home from the march of imperial gray.

see also Patriotism in Little Louisville, Kentucky by Katherine Dalton.

An Orthodox Perspective on Marriage

Another Air New Zealand Safety Video

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Too Old to be Elsa?

From April This Year, Folks

Priests In Dance-Off Become Web Sensation
The seminarians dazzle the crowd with a fleet-footed duel - one with Irish dance, the other in tap - at an elite college in Rome.

Something similar in 2013:

One Day Late on a Calendar I No Longer Follow

John Paul II's Vision of Family and Marriage for the New Evangelization by Rolando Moreno
The family is an active and vital agent in establishing a civilization of love and the renewal of Christian culture.

Another Korean Celeb Gets Tatted

Han Ye Seul

Because of the meltdown she experienced on-set a few years ago? Or a bad relationship break-up? (Is she still with her Korean-American bf?)

Reasons to Visit Holy Trinity Cathedral and St. Seraphim Church

The Degrowth Conference

Fourth International Conference

The Extraenvironmentalist: [ Episode #82 // Degrowth 2014 // Part A ] - Recordings of sessions

The 4th International Degrowth Conference: New Convergences

Paul Krugman on Limits to Growth: Beware the Bathwater

Madeleine Peyroux

A Response Which Supports the Critique

Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Wrong: Young Women Should Vote and Use Tinder and by Kayleen Schaefer