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From a Paleolib POV

But probably more right than wrong:
Catholicism and Global Institutions: It’s Time for a Rethink By Dr. Samuel Gregg
“Brexit” underscores that the Catholic Church’s present approach to international political organizations requires modification, if not a complete overhaul.
I had not known there was another season of Wallander until several weeks ago, and it would be the final season, at that.

Kenneth Branagh Talks About the Final Season of Wallander

I suppose the reason for his retirement isn't forced but reasonable given the background of the character.

ASG 2016

Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn both had batting titles named after them. Are legitimate achievements overshadowed by suspicion that MLB is pushing a political agenda by naming the titles after two African-American men?

Then there was the secular religion on display, especially with the partnership between MLB and Stand Up 2 Cancer -- players, managers, coaches, officials, staff, fans holding up signs with the names of people they know affected by cancer and with whom they are standing, "intercessions" followed by this as a hymn:

Worse, FOX pushing feminism in the face of baseball fans by promoting their new show Pitch repeatedly during commercials:

Pitcher, the position least likely to be filled by a woman because they lack the upper body strength to throw baseballs fast enough -- just
blatant, in-your-face girl-power feminism. And it wasn't just the commercials; the FOX commentators, former baseball players, were being paid to promote this garbage. What a lack of manliness to stand up to it. They should have just quit rather than agree to it...


Eddie Huang... ghetto azn persona?

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But he doesn't have enough talent to make even one good movie

Quentin Tarantino doing only two more movies.

Not alpha, but a self-deluded gamma?

Not quite...

No red pill here: Donald Trump & the Politics of Manliness by Peter S. Rieth

To be sure, manliness is not synonymous with wisdom. In fact, if you take some of our wives’ words for it, manliness is usually synonymous with confident ignorance or loud arrogance, not to mention poor table manners. For these and other reasons, it is safe to say that manliness is not gentle and that the definition of a gentleman is a fellow whose manliness has ben tempered by his wife, his boss, and his church. Tempered, but not castrated into oblivion. For while wives, bosses and churches don’t want ogres, they likewise don’t want men without chests. “Man” is still very much present in “gentleman,” and gentle is not the same as genteel. While women appreciate intelligence, even wisdom in men, they tend to be wiser and more intelligent than we are; ergo they can do without us being Einsteins, but they certainly want us to be reliable, resilient, persistent, and ambitious. These traits are manly traits all summed up by a nice old word used by Plato: thymos.

False humility? Or just lack of realism?

An entire generation of America’s finest men and women demonstrated manliness on the battlefield, but our political leaders demonstrated schoolgirl naivety and fat, dumb ignorance in the halls of power.

Looks like white knighting.

Nice Chapel, Needs More Icons

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