Friday, October 27, 2006

Kim Duk-soo

Kim Duk-soo Reinvents Tradition
Man Who Came Before Hallyu Talks About Sustaining Hallyu

The Western Confucian's thoughts on Kim Duk-soo and samulnori. I don't know if I have heard samulnori before; I have seen some drum performances on TV, the Olympic Games in Seoul for example, but I don't know if that is traditional music or samulnori. How does it compare to taiko drumming?

But, at least his clothes look nice here:

In today's PC environment, it would be difficult to make informed critiques of music that go beyond questions of taste--one is liable of being accused of being racist or ethnocentric... there is a place for martial music, but sensual music that is strongly associated with fertility rituals?
One could argue for that sort of music having a place in the bedroom of a husband and wife (even though it would be rather artificial, since I don't think two people could both play the music and be free to have their passions stimulated), but as a social practice of a community? Even if it is given legitimacy, I'm still "in favor" of more reason coming into play, not less, though the emotions certainly have a role to play, but under the guidance of reason...

Anyways, I have not heard a full taiko performance--I wonder if it could keep my attention...

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