Tuesday, January 02, 2007

popsicle sticks

For KK, who doesn't know the story because she wasn't even born yet when it happened.

One shouldn't run in a hallway with a popsicle stick in one's mouth, especially if one is not very well-coordinated, because...

one might trip!

And tear a hole in one's throat with the popsicle stick!

Anyways, the hole eventually healed up. Don't ask me what it looked like, if I were old enough I might be curious to see; I can't remember if it felt like a sore throat, or something else. Anyways, I got to eat congee for the next couple of days.

[Attached to that story is the detail that I didn't get a ride to the emergency room at Kaiser until later b/c OB was busy buying a car or something.]

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kk said...

Yeah I don't think I ever heard that story... that's scary!!! I never did anything like that - I just stuffed things up my nose and got to go to the emergency room.

On a side note, there's a new Catholic singles site - www.sanctusraphael.com. There aren't very many Americans on it; mostly French and Belgian girls so far looking to start a big Catholic family.