Friday, July 27, 2007

Bryon King, The Full-on Oil War of 2007

Mr. Bill Bonner makes a reference to this bulletin/advertisement in his latest.

The Full-on Oil War of 2007 :
Bloody New "Backlash" Set to Rocket Oil Past $150... and Send Gas Soaring to Over $6 per Gallon
Fri Jul 27 10:27:12 2007. US/Eastern
by Byron King, Editor

Well, Mr. King is one of many who make a living off making economic forecasts (including Mr. Bonner), so one might be skeptical about the claims made, especially as they are made of this year. I've read predictions about higher oil and gas prices since 2005, but the actual reality has not been as bad as those predictions. (Though they do offer explanations for why this is so--demand drops among poorer countries, and so on.) Nonetheless, are such financial/investment advisors more reliable than supposedly "neutral" and "scientific" economists sitting in their ivory towers, whether it be at the institutions of "higher" learning or at think tanks, or working for the MSM?

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