Friday, July 27, 2007

Peggy Noonan, Rich Man, Boor Man

Rich Man, Boor Man

It's funny. In a time of recession, you'd think salespeople would be more aggressive, because so much might hinge on the sale--a commission, a job. In a time of relative wealth, you'd think they might be less aggressive. But the opposite seems true.
Do people working in the service industry tend to be rather rude? It's unclear, though it seems likely that parents are not doing their job in raising their children with good manners, and their employers aren't do that much either (or as Ms. Noonan points out, they encourage that sort of aggressiveness because it leads to sales). Nonetheless, Ms. Noonan needs to recognize that we are in a recession, or very close to it, retail sales are shaky, and those working in the service and retail industries have reason to be concerned about their paychecks.

How easy it is for those who are living off extra wealth (e.g. columnists) to criticize those who are trying to manage.

I do agree with her criticisms about cell phone and BlackBerry use.

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NeoAuteur said...

I totally agree. Journalism, nowadays, is hardly trustworthy.