Sunday, January 20, 2008

Archbishop Zoghby passes away

He passed away last Wednesday -- News from Cathedra Unitatis: Archbishop Elias Zoghby (1912-2008)

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From ECP: Archbishop Elias Zoghby and Orthodox Catholic Reconciliation Price: $15.00 USD

by Archbishop Elias Zoghby
This important work examines Archbishop Zoghby’s controversial ideas regarding Uniatism. Especially important are his ideas regarding the concept of communion with both Orthodoxy and the Church of Rome.
Paper, 144 pages, ISBN 1-56125-019-8, +EDU2005, $10.00

by Archbishop Elias Zoghby
A bold and prophetic work of ecumenical theology and ecclesiology, especially focused on the role of Eastern Catholics in the important work of Christian unity. Archbishop Zoghby’s prophetic comments on uniatism show that the tensions between Eastern ecclesiology and the Vatican, especially as affecting the institution of the patriarchate, have yet to be resolved.
Paper, 178 pages, ISBN 1-56125-018-X, +EDU2004, $8.95

(Order at Theological Book Service)

While his theses are provocative and no doubt well-meant, I do think that they are ultimately wrong. Nonetheless--may a life in charity be given its eternal reward.

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