Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Andrea Beaton and Chrissy Crowley

I discovered Andrea Beaton and Chrissy Crowley, among others, through Natalie MacMaster's links page. Cape Breton really does have a lot of local talent for traditional music. The New Scot should move there and settle down. heh.

Andrea Beaton, Troy MacGillivray & Quinn Bachand

Andrea & Kinnon Beaton Set - Part One

Andrea & Kinnon Beaton Set - Part Two

Nova Scotia Fiddlers Troy MacGillivray and Andrea Beaton #1
Andrea Beaton and Troy MacGillivray Nova Scotia Fiddlers #2

Andrea Beaton at West Mabou Hall Sept 15/07 Part 1
Andrea Beaton Sept 15/07 Part 2

Chrissy Crowley:

Chrissy Crowley at 2006 Cape Cod Celtic Fest

Chrissy Crowley with Richard Wood

THE ROLLO BAY FIDDLE FEST - Prince Edward Island's foremost ...

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