Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hilarious. My father said the woman, Tam ku, who was his and his mom's flatmate, the lady whose house where he stays whenever he goes to Hong Kong, suggested that I become friends with some 25 yo neighbor. Well, I don't know if he was just passing along a message because someone asked to, or if there's something else going on in his mind, but there wasn't much information about her. I'm supposed to meet up with my mother tomorrow for lunch, so we'll talk about it then. (I heard this from her and not from him directly.) But that's a bit of a distance and there are other factors, so I think it's a non-starter.

Niece #2 seems to be rather intelligent too... K--- will ask her while she is in the playpen, "J--- give me the [plastic] egg," or "J-- give me the keys," and niece #2 will know what object she is referring to and give it to her. (She said first "J--- give daddy the keys," and she gave it to them. K: "See, J--- knows what is the key.")

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Anonymous said...

Uhm that's weird... And don't go to a buffet.