Saturday, April 25, 2009

"I'm going to raise chickens."


Friends tend to be incredulous when I say I'd like to raise chickens full-time somday. The truth is that I don't even know if I'd be able to do it "part-time." But I saw a story on TV last Friday on ABC 7 News (San Francisco) about suburban dwellers (including one former mayor of a small town) who were raising their own chickens (primarily for eggs). That reawakened my interest in raising chickens, both for healthier food and also to save money. Rod Dreher makes this suggestion 0n the Texas Monthly website. Avian flu! I hope not. So who wants to raise chickens with me?

Urban chicken trend on rise in Bay Area - 1/02/09 - San Francisco
Off the farm: Poultry providers say more suburban folks trying their hand at raising chickens
More suburbanites, hobbyists raise chickensABC 7 News.

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KK, check this out: 12 Bird True Love Roast


KK said...

Eh, I don't like breast. I like gai bei. Haha. But the roast looks intriguing... it's like a turducken gone mad.

Jeff Culbreath said...

I'll raise chickens with you. Move on up here to Orland - you can live in our unrented mobile home - and we'll start a pastured poultry operation, Joe Salatin style. :-)