Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dr. Fleming, Nations of Immigrants:

We intend to go on fighting this fight, not because we think we can defeat either wing of the Left but because it is one way of waking people up to the profound truth that man is neither a social insect nor a rogue elephant. We are creatures whose lives depend on the traditions and communities that form our character–the families that rear us, the language we speak, the books we read, the religion we practice. The government can and will raise our taxes, fight unjustifiable wars of aggression, and flood the country with immigrants, but it cannot, without our complicity, rob us of our identity and historical memory.

Since nothing can be done on the national level to save this country from its people and the leaders they elect, the best you can do is to mind your own business in some place that has not yet been overrun. Taking to the streets, like the members of the Golden Dawn, will not meet with the feeble response of the Greek police. Our President may be a sissy, but he has hired some mean “women” to work for him. Do not through [sic] your life away on futile causes or waste time hating people you will never know.

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