Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Army testing new camo patterns

Sarge told me to look this bit of news up on the Internet, and so I found this CNN article: In Afghanistan, troops trying to blend in better.

U.S. Army ground commanders in Afghanistan say they need help, fast. That's not a request for more troops, but a request from commanders who say the current camouflage uniform is not blending well in the diverse countryside.

U.S. Army commanders in Afghanistan say the current uniform does not blend well in the countryside.

In response, the Army later this month will field-test two new camouflage color schemes and patterns on about 1,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, where the terrain is extremely varied.

Commanders have had problems there because of the numerous changes in environments a soldier can move in and out of in a short period of time -- from woodland to desert to alpine, and to rocky and snowy mountain tops.

The current uniform, known as the Army Combat Uniform or ACU, has lighter shades of green and tan, which some commanders have complained does not blend well if soldiers need to stay motionless on a mission, as snipers or reconnaissance troops must.

Looks like the Yankees are finally listening to the men who have to wear the ACU, instead of defending and proclaiming once again the results of their "extensive testing."

wiki entry on the ACU

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