Friday, February 05, 2010

A high school friend linked on his FB account to this piece from Yahoo: Let the Lindsey hype begin: Vonn is Sports Illustrated cover girl. I was thinking of writing something, but then I found that Weaver at CHT already did: Feminists Complain Lindsey Vonn Is Treated Like a Woman.

It seems to me that Sports Illustrated is a men's magazine that knows its readers. Still, women athletes seem to have become more coarse and defminized over the years, and this is true not only of Uhmericans. (Taki has written about this with respect to women tennis players.) However, Uhmerican women are rather noticeable for this defect--just watch their behavior during the opening and closing ceremonies. As for the hype surrounding the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, (iirc) the Winter Olympics generally gets less viewers than the Summer Olympics. How much money will Vancouver lose? If things do get worse economically and politically, is there a possibility that the Olympic Games will cease? What first- or second-world city could possibly afford them in such a scenario?

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