Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some reactions to Abby Sunderland (who, incidentally, has been found):

The Spearhead: Sailor Girl Fails in Solo Circumnavigation Attempt, Sparks Huge Rescue Response
VFR: Sixteen year old California girl, sailing alone around world, is missing at sea, What L-dotters think about girl sailing alone around world and
The rise of the “Just Do It” conservatives?

Has anyone asked the question about the influence of feminism upon Abby Sunderland? Some commentators at Spearhead have, but surprisingly the above posts have ignored it. Instead, the reactions have been largely paternalistic, asking whether 16 year-olds should be attempting such feats.

Without automation, would it be possible for young women (or men) to make such a trip around the world? The use of tools reliant on easily available energy deceives us as to the differences in the physical abilities of men and women. (What is the state of her navigation skills? Did she attempt the journey without the use of GPS or a computer?)

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