Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jason Peters muses on the Long Emergency

Peak Oil and Ivory-Tower Pigheadedness

And I spend most of my time there because I also find it difficult to operate inside the main run of things, which is why I must say it’s hard not to credit Jim Kunstler for asking a pretty good question: “How could such a catastrophe [as., e.g., instability of world markets and “previously unimaginable austerity” after peak oil] be so close at hand[,] and civilized, educated people in free countries with free news media and transparent institutions be so uninformed about it?”

That, of course, is from The Long Emergency, which, as anyone who has read it knows, is a book that challenges what is “absolutely normative” about our current economic, social, and political arrangements and reminds us that only in an elaborate made-for-adults fairy tale can anyone believe that markets and technology will rescue us from the coming oil scarcity, to say nothing of the resource wars that, far from being likely, are inevitable.

But all across this Great Land Of Ours the denizens of the ivory towers will parrot the permitted technocratic bullshit and turn resolutely away from the evidence everywhere suggesting that, because there are natural limits just around the bend, hitting the brakes would be a really good idea.

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