Monday, February 14, 2011

The Only Redeeming Feature of Michael Bay Movies?

Something I had not considered before while I was sitting through his productions: Pre and Post Obama America on Display: The Natural vs. Idiocracy. Which do you choose?

What is objectionable is not the use of ethnically diverse casts when it reflects reality, whether present reality or historical reality. Rather, it is the forced use of ethnically diverse casts in order to serve an ideological agenda and is counter to reality (or the original setting of a work). (For example, the complaints about the lack of blacks in depictions of World War II and the casting for The Hobbit, and the decision to cast a black actor as a Norse god in Thor.)*

We're all used to seeing rainbow harmonies on television and movies, but how much of this is just wishful thinking on the part of writers and execs? (How many of them actually live in multicolor communities? And what is more likely to happen outside of workplaces, self-segregation along ethnic and racial lines, or integration?)

*I set aside a discussion of the updating of Shakespeare productions for now.

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