Saturday, June 04, 2011

Should have accomplished more today; at least I did get some insecticide work done. In the afternoon I headed over to xiao Jimmy's house to meet up with some HS friends. Found out that one of them had gotten engaged and will be married in September of this year. It was good to see SC's baby. Xiao Jimmy's baby seems to be bigger. Went to Red Robin with SC and DY -- can't say that the hamburgers agreed with me. Something about the seasoning that they use for the patties really destroyed my appetite. Not sure what it was. After being non-primal for so long, I can't say that it was a good reaction, but maybe there is something questionable about the seasoning.

This morning I went to Cooking Papa for lunch with my mother to give it another chance. "Fail." The beef chow fun was burned, and the pan-fried noodles were bland. How sad. Never going there again. I don't understand the popularity of the place, except for the fact that there is no Chinese restaurant in the area that offers comparable food. (Maybe Top Cafe comes close, along with Joy Luck Bistro, but those places are not that good, either.)

Last week, when Sarge was here, we went to Tomi again. Probably the best Chinese buffet in the South Bay, but Moonstar is still better.

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