Sunday, August 28, 2011

Father Raymond J. de Souza on WYD 2011

Giving the young something to believe in (via Insight Scoop)

Why is he using "she" for the generic third-person singular pronoun? An imposition by the editor(s?) (The website does appear to be Canadian.)
Those of us who work full-time with young adults know that even the highly privileged Canadian university student is at something of a loss in answering these questions. The Internet gives you plenty of data, but little wisdom. The seductive world of social media provides hundreds of friends, but little actual friendship. The modern university, devoted to endlessly celebrating the sheer magnificence of each individual student, is rather silent about who she really is, and what she ought to do. Talented young people have an almost infinite array of options, but a mission in life is hard to find. Consequently, without a strong identity and mission, so many young people feel very much alone.

But is what they received at WYD nonetheless too vague as to provide them insight into living the lay vocation? (Especially for those who come from "first-world" countries.)

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