Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Men Crossing Their Legs

CR is derisive: Universal Logo Of The Feminized Male

It is very common for British men and actors (Jeremy Irons in Brideshead Revisited?) to cross their legs at the knees, many Hong Kong and South Korean actors and celebs do so too... is it really a subconscious denial of their masculinity? Or is it more for "ease" and "comfort"? A Q&A at GQ in which the practice is criticized as being effeminate. (Another Q&A, less critical.)

Ladies avoided sitting with their legs apart. (Regardless of whether they were wearing pants or dresses?) But how they adjusted and avoided the fatigue of keeping their legs together varied: crossing at the ankles vs. crossing at the knees (wikihow). According to this internet piece on Victorian manners, it was considered improper for both men and women to cross their legs - I assume that crossing at the knee is meant. According to this link for visitors to Hong Kong, men should try and keep their feet on the floor.

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Faith said...

My mother always said to keep my legs crossed, that way I'll never get myself into trouble.

papabear said...

Nice to see you around, Faith!