Monday, September 10, 2012

A Happy Statist

Community rights vs. states rights vs. federal law by David MacLeod (EB)
I just don’t see local communities making better choices than those made at the state and federal level. This may happen in isolated pockets, but by the same token you could see vast swaths of places overturning the few gains the environmental movement has achieved on the level of federal and state policies and regulations, which is exactly what the Tea Party wants to do.
Because people can do the wrong thing, he is content to concentrate power in the hands of the few, because environmentalists, acting as the conscience of the public, will continue to labor to get them to do the right thing. Who is going to guarantee their continued "success"? We have to put our trust in another elite, in this case certain scientists, because they know through science what natural ecological limits are and such. There is no consideration of what is Constitutional.

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