Friday, September 21, 2012

Does Damian Thompson support fracking?

Damian Thompson critcizes Cafod:

Just another Lefty pressure group
Did you know that the Catholic Church condemns fracking? Cafod – the English and Welsh bishops’ agency for overseas development – has been tweeting hysterically against shale gas. This week it sent us a link to an anti-fracking propaganda campaign run by European Greens, ferocious opponents of Catholic teaching on sexual morality. I remember a time when, if you put money in the collection plate for Cafod, you could be confident it would go to feed the hungry. Now, apart from the odd genuflection in the direction of Rome, the charity is just another Lefty pressure group. Catholics should bear that in mind next time the plate comes round.
I don't know enough about Cafod to say if they advocate sustainable development and appropriate technology. But isn't it proper to protect the environment, which is a good for all?

See also his reflections on Shakespeare.

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