Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Courtesy of the Gang of Eight

The Gang of Eight Unveils Their ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’

The American bishops have a response.

The press conference was today - ‘Gang of Eight’ senators urge other lawmakers to join them in supporting immigration bill

The Long-Term Unemployed are Doomed

Long-Term Unemployment Is a Long-Term National Problem
Are the Good Jobs Gone?
Shadow Economy Shows Joblessness Less Than Meets U.S. Eye

Defining America Down—Jose Antonio Vargas (Yech!) And What's At Stake In The Latest Amnesty/ Immigration Surge War

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t said...

Screw Vdare, CIS, Numbersusa and the rest. I'm against third world immigration, but I hate abortionists and zpg assholes even more. They're tied too closely to those movements for me to even listen anymore. Fulford even called the blood-stained POS John Tanton 'a real-life immigration patriot hero' (Mar 4 column). No, he's just garbage. I'd just as soon be flooded with Mexicans than be taken over by these turds.