Thursday, April 18, 2013

Team Woman

From the FB page for the new drama All About My Romance (내 연애의 모든 것):

Leader of Unified Progressive Party and ex presidential contender Sim Sang Jung showed recently her love and support for the current political drama “All About My Romance” and its female lead Lee Min Jung
The reputable politician expressed via twitter thankful words towards Lee Min Jung who incarnates a newbie representative and leader of New Progressive Party … seems like the reputable politician is also enjoying the story – and the background – of these two lovebirds …. how cute xD :
드라마 <내 연애의 모든 것> 재밌게 보고 계신가요? 국회에도 저런 선남선녀들이 있다면…^^
전 오늘 이민정씨 대사 한 대목이 가슴에 확 와닿았답니다. 메추리알로 바위 치기… 비교섭단체의 설움, 저도 늘 느낍니다.


I still have a post on the current S. Korean president to be finished. I would be interested in the drama because of Lee Min Jung, but I can't take her seriously as a politician or a leader. Modern "liberal democratic" politics, with a pretense to egalitarianism, is a joke.

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