Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cheap, Insensitive Moralism?

What can a socon post about a 'comedy' made to appeal to modern women and white knights teach us about social conservatism?

What Can Pornography Teach Us About Love? By Michael Bradley

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Is this sort of shaming helpful to betas and nice guys who use pornography? Let us be clear: the use of pornography and its attendant sins are contrary to reason and can become a vice, and heavy use of pornography and subsequent sins can lead to physical and emotional desensitization and other bad effects. But are these effects universal, or for only those who are heavily dependent, the "addicted"? Can pornography lead to unrealistic expectations about relationships and sex? Or is it possible for men to use pornography and be relatively unscathed when it comes to 'managing' their personal lives, treating it more as a relief or as an escape rather than as a substitute for a real relationship?

Often in popular moralism we see the heavy use of consequentialist argumentation to 'scare' people to avoid a certain action. Is this really an effective strategy? Or should we consider the reasons why men might be turning to pornography more (besides being hooked while young through early exposure) and address those as well? This kind of moralizing may seem like one-upmanship by those who've "got theirs" or are on their way to getting married at least.

The disordered desire for venereal gratification is a problem and a form of self-love but might it be possible that the natural psychic separation of sex and emotional intimacy in the male mind prevents many or most men from falling into the psychological pitfalls that conservative moralists always seem to discuss? (Even when men learn to associate sex with emotional intimacy and genuine love, they probably do not experience this association in the same way that women do, who do so 'naturally.')

If St. Paul is correct that it is "better to marry than to burn with passion," then what are conservatives or Christians doing to promote and facilitate early marriage in their communities? Do they acknowledge sex differences and what a healthy masculinity is like, or do they try to diminish it through a misguided ideology like TOB (which can be both sentimental and 'spiritualist' simultaneously)?

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