Monday, September 15, 2014

The Wrong Sort of Lesson?

In Weddings, Pope Francis Looks Past Traditions
Pope Francis Marries 20 Cohabiting Couples In Push For Inclusion
Vatican Insider

Marrying those who have repented of fornication? Nothing wrong with that. Publicizing this as such? Potentially or actually scandalous, as if it trivializes the sin and the need for repentance. So who is leaking the information, and what is their agenda? They too share some responsibility for weakening Catholic consciences. If it is the pope himself, or those around him, then this actually problematic, despite what his defenders may say. Honoring marriage is important, but one must also make it clear that contrition and the sacrament of confession are necessary, and why make actual people the examples of this? Why not "protect" their privacy and avoid giving scandal? Was there an official press release?

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