Monday, October 12, 2015

A Symptom of Hypermasculinity

Divorced from functional fitness? When Did Movie Stars Get Into Steroids?

Thought this comment was interesting:
In classic Hollywood movies, the alpha leading man dominates women and effeminate men through his superior will, nerve and wits (think especially anything with Bogart, Cagney or Robinson, but even in films with the very tall Gary Cooper or the decently sized Clark Gable, its his superior will and coolness under pressure that allows him to triumph over his cowardly foes). Today, that sort of masculine domination isn’t allowed, so masculinity has been forced to express itself in purely physical form. Sure, today’s dudebros have more muscle than flabby 1940s men, but today’s dudebros put up with feminist behavior from women that 1940s men would never have tolerated.

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