Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Canonization of the Martins

You can see a copy of the "icon" for the Martin family at this post: Mass for the Synod on the Family by Charles Cole

On one of Stratford Caldecott's blogs.

A different one here.

A third.

Chastity: The Crucial Message of a Canonization

Josephite marriages -- part of the ideal process of discernment for lay Catholics? I don't think it is being promoted as such though there may be some rhetoric somewhere in the Catholic world in connection with chastity. As for the foundation that is the friendship between husband and wife -- historically, how much of it in reality comports with the companionate ideal of marriage (and the versions which emphasize egalitarianism), and how much with "sex complementarianism"?

Something by James Martin with respect to their beatification.

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