Thursday, October 15, 2015

"They Work Out Like Men"

At dinner I saw some of this year's Crossfit Games (sponsored by Reebok); the women's competition was being shown on ESPN2. Is this evidence that SJWs have taken over programming? How many normal men would find this interesting, or the competitors physically and attractive? How many of the female competitors have used steroids? Or are we to believe that all of them are just obsessed with crossfit? Looking at their bodies, many of them have very broad shoulders and narrow hips, reminding me of E. European women athletes in the Olympics during the 1980s. Think necks and thighs, muscular abdomens -- how much body fat do they have? Do they have regular periods? What normal man would want to marry one of these Amazons? What are they missing out by expending so much energy on this pursuit? This is not about functional fitness.


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