Tuesday, November 24, 2015

But Where are the Statistics?

And do they give a complete picture of why marriages between American Catholics "fail"?

Pornography: Our Greatest Ongoing Spiritual Threat by Fr. C. John McCloskey

"Although pornography is overwhelmingly marketed to and viewed by men, a substantial number of women also sample it out of curiosity and generally are disgusted by it (although a small number fall into the trap of using it themselves)."

As a commentator points out, why is Father McCloskey ignoring pornography geared towards women? This is socon white-knighting at its worse and does nothing to address the actual problem of pornogaphy use for members of both sexes. At least Matt Fradd deals with the problems of pornography for members of both sexes. But is porn use the big problem or more of an effect of deeper problems that remain unaddressed by Roman Catholics?

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