Saturday, January 09, 2016

Which reminds me...

A mom brought her child's favorite book to read to the class as a part of the star of the week activities. It was a children's book featuring LEGO versions of comic book characters; in this story, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. During the story Batman and Superman argue, rather bicker, about who is a better superhero and is more powerful, while Wonder Woman and Batgirl do the actual job of saving the day. The standard sort of role reversal that is PC these days. Batman and Superman make up temporarily, but go back to bickering, while the woman complain about the boys and go have an ice cream or something. As if men in real life don't know how to cooperate in spite of differences or alpha competitiveness -- how have men managed to make war all this time? The mom and dad thought it was funny, but it is another example of how mass culture is being used to poison the minds of children.

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