Monday, January 04, 2016

Yesterday morning in the security line, I overheard a father remaking to his son about a female POG, "They can fight too now." He also said, "She can probably kick my butt," even though he at least recognized that he is physically stronger than her. Why? "Because she knows how to do it." Unlikely, as she's POG. What sort of father emasculates himself in front of his son? To prove how humble he is? Or how he recognizes his limitations? Has he ever been in a fight? His son seemed to mocking him a bit, though I don't know if he caught it: "What do you do all day? Sit?" Probably a white knight you can't rely on to defend patriarchy. Did his son lose some respect for him as a result of his "confession"?

Which reminds me of the latest Star Wars movie...
Dalrock: Weak men screwing Star Wars feminism up and Is "The Force Awakens" Too Feminist?

Male rites of initiation? Can't have those in a radical egalitarian (i.e. misandrist) society.

SJW George Lucas doesn't like it? Should we accept him as a good judge of what is a good movie? His comments sound a bit pretentious, as his prequels were junk. If he wanted something different he could have overseen the designs but left the story-telling and directing and someone else. (Apparently he tried to get someone else to direct but no one accepted the offer.) He just sounds like a whiner.

George Lucas Says He Sold 'Star Wars' to 'White Slavers'

And of course, he apologizes.

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