Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Catholic Feminism is Still Feminism

CWR: Kimberly Hahn: Wife, Mother, Author—and Local Politician
"During the course of the campaign, we knocked on over 8,000 doors, out of a possible 9,500. I campaigned the night before the election well into the darkness."
By Jim Graves

Kimberly Hahn, a respected Catholic author and wife of theologian and well-known speaker and author Scott Hahn, has entered the world of local politics. Running as a Republican reformer in an old mill town long dominated by Democrats, she won a seat on the Steubenville, Ohi...

Comments: So if natural law points to patriarchy, what do we make of Scott Hahn's theology? Tainted by ignorance or bad cultural habits (the white-knighting in his commentary on Genesis and the sin of Adam is bad)? Or a greater defect?

Note too that this is probably implicitly sanctioned by Opus Dei as well if Hahn is still associated with the group.

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