Saturday, June 18, 2016

Maybe It's the Nature of the Job and Not HR's Fault

Why women should not be put in positions of authority - Oakland police bombshells: Racist texts, latest chief steps down:

“I take ownership of my mistakes,” the mayor said Friday. “I hope I have been clear in what my intentions are.”

Meanwhile, the mayor has set her sights on significantly changing the department — ending what she says is a disgusting frat culture, even as the department has been under federal oversight for the last 13 years.

“We have a department with almost no women, no LGBT people, and a dramatic underrepresentation of people of color,” Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan told The Chronicle. She is pushing for reforms that would require Oakland’s police force to rethink its hiring and recruiting strategies.

Has the "councilwoman" considered that Oakland may not be the sort of city where women want to work as police officers, preferring other cities that are less dangerous or risky to their careers? Probably not.

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