Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Icelandic Clapping Chant

It is rather weak, in comparison with the Maori haka and the he like. Maybe if the clapping is replaced by drums it'd be more effective.

What is Iceland's incredible Euro 2016 clapping chant about, why is it called the 'Huh' and where did it originate?

Iceland? Motherwell? Lens? Where did the 'thunderclap' originate?

Iceland’s ‘Viking War Cry’ Is Cool, But Where It Came From Will Surprise You

Recently it has been used by members of Génération Identitaire, go to 5:34:

"La Marseillaise" is not really handy as a street chant.

White men in search of something to express their tribal bond (and masculinity)... So who is bringing back the Rebel Yell?

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