Sunday, March 26, 2017

How Much Info?

When to stop giving a man a chance to show that he is different from the impression that he has given you so far?

It was fun hanging out in fake downtown SJ last night, if only it was something different from the usual. While the company could be entertaining at times, when the topic shifted to the question of Christianity and orthodoxy, I was reminded of my reservations about a couple of the guys. Maybe with time they will shift over to a more solid footing, though for now their egos may be in the way. But -- isn't that always the case?

Still, haven't found many who can be a peer with respect to sharing the basics.

I was already thinking of cutting ties with one community -- they don't share the same culture or values, and there is no foundation for us to eventually to build a "tribe." Certainly I wouldn't consider them to be part of my tribe now, and they probably don't even think in those terms. Not only that, but my patience and endurance for associating with those living in the UNREAL is coming to an end. They have embraced the Uhmerican bourgeois lifestyle, along with egalitarianism and feminism in deed, if not in thought, despite being Christians.

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