Monday, April 24, 2017

Overly Large Population Centers Are Dehumanizing

But why do Germans and Japanese able to behave so orderly in their megapoleis? Public education? Social conditioning?

Perhaps the big cities of the United States were once like that, before cultural and ethnic homogeneity started to break down, and there was no longer the dominant set of manners.

A comment at VD:

I think you have it wrong. The German military culture is not about warriors. Warriors are black men in loin cloths with spears to the German. Brave but not all that effective. Germans were "Soldaten" (soldiers), and that title had a very specific meaning, discipline, effective killers for a higher purpose of the fatherland and the right. Medals in Germany were awarded not for dying bravely or saving your own side lives, but repeated effective killing of the foe.

The breaking of the German sprit was 4 fold and did not occur during the war. They fought like devils to May 8th. Their last successful offensive was by Army group center, 4th Army around 21-30 April 1945 when they pushed the polish satellite army in Saxony north and prevented their taking of Dresden. In that battle they were outnumbered and ultimately doomed, they knew it and yet still mauled a polish Army . So what caused the destruction of that sprit:

1) The soldiers were unable to defend their homes and hearth, or their women. Very soul crushing to them, failure to defend the fatherland and the women.

2) The sacrifices were all in vain. The cause was bad. They did not fight for the right principle.

3) You killed most of the "soldier" minded Germans. Between 1,773,000 and 2,020,000 in WWI and something like around 4.3 to 4.8 million in WWII. You literally changed the demographics of the nations, often times getting both the father and the son.

4) A lot of the soldier mentality class left Germany after WWII, growing up on the eastern seaboard there were a lot of quiet German vets around. Their sons ended up in the American army, not the Germany.

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