Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ascesis vs. the Red Pill

Would telling a husband that he needs to be more "dominant" in the bedroom be completely at odds with traditional Christian ascesis? It seems to be counter to Theology of the Body. Would a man be scandalized to hear a priest give him this advice? Even if it were a married priest, it may still be troubling to hear this from him. Would this ingrained reaction be justified? Or would it be better regardless for a man to hear this from a married layperson?


Steve Polson said...

You might just ask the priest for clarification. He might not remember or be able to answer, though. If you told us what precisely you confessed we might be able to help, but you probably don't want to do that and I wouldn't recommend it. You don't have to worry about it, though--if you were absolved and did your penance you are good to go. Do love your wife, be sensitive, and have normal marital relations with her. Ask a devout married catholic man you know well and trust if you are not sure what "normal marital relations" means.

papabear said...

This was more of a abstract question pertaining to Catholic Christian culture -- with the pervasiveness of Theology of the Body, how many Catholics would accept the advice that "men should be dominant" as a key to maintaining martial satisfaction?

Asking someone wise is one solution, but what does one write for a manual for spiritual directors/confessors?