Monday, August 28, 2017

Two female teachers/staff members were talking about the principal and his indecisiveness on an issue involving a student. One thought he was trying to push off his responsibility on her, instead of making the decision about what should be done with the student. Am I imagining it, or could one could hear the loss of respect/disdain in her voice because he was failing to be a leader? Men may lose respect for a leader but they will do something about it, I would think, treating it as a problem to be solved, with a replacement, etc. The loss of respect would not be as complete, unless some sort of additional vice were involved. For example, if someone was promoted beyond his ability and not because of his pushing for it, there might be little loss of respect by those who were subordinate to him, that is, respect for him as a man. They would put the blame on those who had promoted him. (But if he should lack of integrity in trying to cover up his incompetence or holding on to his office instead of admitting that it was too much for him, that would be reason to lose respect.)

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