Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Moses Option?

Or the Joseph Option?

Except arguably the stay of Joseph and his brothers was intended to be temporary? Or should have been? And they were not seeking to become Egyptians but to escape famine?

As for the Moses option, they were seeking to establish a new homeland; it wasn't colonization nor was it immigration, since they were commanded to do some ethnic cleansing of the territory.

What appropriate Biblical or saint's name should be applied to the pastoral strategy of encouraging conservative/traditional Christians to move away from "blue" population centers to "red" areas? There are already Protestants movement seeking to do this, like Christian Exodus, and the amount of cultural assimilation they may have to do may be less than that for Catholics, members of an immigrant Church. Protestants and Catholics both have to seek acceptance and integration with the natives, and be patient as the process takes time. Certainly a triumphalistic Catholic attitude with respect to religion would not be welcome. But what Roman Catholic bishop in a large urban area would be willing to encourage members of his flock to move away, and thus lose their tithes/donations?

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