Thursday, January 03, 2019

An interesting thesis from Leon Podles

Though I have my doubts; it is one thing to reject Christianity because it has been feminized. But it is enough to do the demonic things done by many of the leftists during the Spanish Civil War. Even if Christianity is no longer part of one's identity, what of country or king? Or upholding the aristocracy?

Still, if women were in charge of the spiritual formators, that is a problem, and reveals that if there was a form of patriarchy in Spain, it was lacking in something very important with respect to the role of the fathers, who should have been in charge of religious education and the primary exmeplar of a Christian life. Did they abdicate this role because they preferred some idol or pagan way? Or was it due to something else after the Reconquest and then the decline of the Spanish Empire. And are there parallels with Spanish-speaking territories in Ibero-America?

Roots Of Spanish Anticlericalism by ROD DREHER

The landowners thought they were good Christians because they gave charity to the poor; but what the poor, especially the men among them, wanted was respect. The men saw that the Church, the priests, could attract women and would interfere in male sexual pleasures, even in marriage. The revolutionaries were not ideologists, but wanted recognition, independence, and respect, so that they could be respected by others as men and respect themselves as men.

Would they even care for the words of St. Paul? And would the words of St. Paul concerning the relationship of slaves and masters even be relevant?

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