Monday, April 15, 2019

Dreher Has Read Weyrich

Now he has to read Lind.

To be sure, Wolfgang isn’t entirely approving of the Benedict Option: 
No one in Christian life today fills the space that Neuhaus/Novak/Weigel did 20 years ago. No one has a comprehensive vision of the near-future like theirs, and no one offers a battle plan like theirs. In that empty space, we get Patrick Deneen and Rod Dreher. They’re smart guys who are trying to think our way out of this. But they haven’t answered the challenges either. 
I can’t really argue with him there, but in my own defense (and in partial defense of George Weigel), the challenges are so massive and protean that I don’t think it’s possible to discern a comprehensive vision of the near-future, much less formulate a battle plan.

AmConMag: Benedict Option: What Else Is There? by ROD DREHER

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