Wednesday, April 17, 2019

High School Status Plays

Is it true that for adolescents, given their immaturity and the casual familiarity between the sexes, that the pretty people are automatically the popular people, with the unattractive seeking to be associated with them on this basis? It makes sense that jocks, who are physically attractive males, would be at the social apex -- who, then, are the women who occupy the top social stratum of high school? Those who are physically attractive have in the past become cheerleaders and the like. Or is it those females who associate with the "alpha" males of high school but are not necessarily the most attractive? What about now? It seems to me that in the past at least there were two different groups, one for males and one for females, though members of both would interact with one another. And they would use their perceived popularity (or fame) to do things like run for student body office or run a club, so that they could use their status to help them on their college applications. At least that seems to be true for the better high schools in the Bay Area, where most are college-bound. But some are not interested in the academic rat race and enjoy being part of that social circle for the status and also for the access to parties and like-minded people.

Given the ethnic heterogeneity of many of the high schools in the Bay Area, who are the females who now occupy this place? And do they only think they occupy this place, or is their status acknowledged even by members of other ethnic groups?

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