Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tails Tucked

A bunch of Latin Catholic liberals are complaining about Cardinal Burke and how he is engaged in hate speech and not being a good witness to the Gospel. He may be mistaken or simplistic to apply the virtue of patriotism to the state, but his comments, as recorded here, are rather mild. These same Catholics would support stricter gun control laws.

If you do not have the role of defending the perimeter or show no interest or desire to do so, your opinion doesn't matter. If you choose to subject yourself and your loved ones to the power of others, you are free to do so and I won't prevent you from doing so or put my life on the line to save you, but if you think you have the right to take away what I need to exercise my God-given responsibility to defend myself, family, and community you are mistaken.

Catholic Herald: Cardinal Burke: Limiting Muslim immigration is patriotic by Robert Duncan

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