Saturday, January 25, 2020


CNA/CWR: Pope Francis prays at St. Paul’s tomb with Orthodox and Anglican Christians

“From this Week of Prayer we want to learn to be more hospitable, in the first place among ourselves as Christians and among our brothers and sisters of different confessions,” Pope Francis said.

Brothers and sisters in what sense? Surely they are not brothers and sisters in Christ, though they may be brothers and sisters in Adam.

“Among Christians as well, each community has a gift to offer to the others. The more we look beyond partisan interests and overcome the legacies of the past in the desire to move forward towards a common landing place, the more readily we will recognize, welcome and share these gifts,” the pope said.

Where is the source of this gift? If they have been given a gift from God because of His mercy, what gifts would those be? Is the endowment of the Protestants (and arguably of the Latins) on the same level as of the Apostolic Christians? What is the justification for a statment that seems to be an a priori dogmatic claim, rather than an observation?

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