Sunday, March 22, 2020

Virtual Catholic Men's Conference

Presented by Just a Guy in the Pew (FB and Twitter) and Metanoia Catholic (FB)
What happens when a national pandemic shuts down your Catholic Men's Conference?

You see this at the bottom of the page giving conference information:
Praise & Worship led by
Taylor Alexis Tripodi
Dee Simone
Brandan Bosanko (Member of a Latin youth ministry program which is run by women.)

How clueless can the leadership for this conference be if they think contemporary praise and worship music, especially when sung by women, would be appropriate for a conference such as thus? It totally undermines their credibility as "experts" on Christian masculinity. Will they play any Hillsong favorites?

The following sounds too much like a polished, studio recording rather than what would be sung liturgically, because of the slow expressiveness of the main mail singer, but still liturgical music, or even paraliturgical music, would be better than contemporary praise and worship music.

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