February 6, 2007 - Although it was recently reported that any development on The Departed 2 was on hold until producer-turned-Paramount chief Brad Grey's association with a sequel could be determined, it is now being reported that Warner Bros. has bigger plans than originally expected for the project.

Warner Bros. is said to want not one but two follow-ups to their hit 2006 thriller, which itself was a remake of the Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs.

"(Screenwriter) William Monahan isn't just writing a second movie, he's also working on an outline for a third Departed film. What either movie will be about is still anyone's guess," according to CinemaBlend.com.

"We already know the second movie will not be a prequel but a continuation involving existing characters so it stands to reason that this probably applies to the third film as well. What our source was able to confirm is that the second script, the one Monahan is writing right now, is indeed about Mark Wahlberg's Digman as so many have already assumed."

The site adds that, should Martin Scorsese opt out of directing a Departed sequel, then the studio is considering either Michael Mann (Miami Vice) or Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) to replace him.