Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How would St. Ignatius of Loyola respond to this?

via Fr. Z, "Jesuits Affirm Obedience to Pope," Carlo Casalone, S.J., "the Jesuit superior in Italy, explained that it is always accompanied by “many commonplaces” and is interpreted “in militaristic terms.” He says:

“In reality, obedience understood as uncritical obedience to the will of another is not a virtue,” he observed, emphasizing that in reality it is a matter of “seeking the will of God together with another person, that is, seeking the good to be done.”

Now, perhaps this is a proper understanding of the limits of obedience, acknowledging that it must be in conformity to divine and natural law, and just commands, but--St. Ignatius of Loyola acknowledges as much--one should obey in all matters except sin, iirc. So does he agree with the ideal of obedience to the pope that St. Ignatius puts forth for the Jesuits or not?

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