Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Independent: Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep

Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep

John Médaille, This is Not Your Father's Recession

This is Not Your Father's Recession

Dave Lindorff, A Tax Rebate Won't Fix This Mess

Is That All You Got to Show Me?
A Tax Rebate Won't Fix This Mess


Polluted Yangtze

Dry, polluted, plagued by rats: the crisis in China's greatest river
Jonathan Watts, The Guardian
The waters of the Yangtze have fallen to their lowest levels since 1866, disrupting drinking supplies, stranding ships and posing a threat to some of the world's most endangered species.

Asia's longest river is losing volume as a result of a prolonged dry spell, the state media warned yesterday, predicting hefty economic losses and a possible plague of rats on nearby farmland.

News of the drought - which is likely to worsen pollution in the river - comes amid dire reports about the impact of rapid economic growth on China's environment.
(17 January 2008)

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David Strahan, The great coal hole

The great coal hole
A number of recent reports suggest that coal reserves may be hugely inflated, a possibility that has profound implications for both global energy supply and climate change.
published January 17, 2008.

Misc JPop from the 90s and 80s

石井明美 バラード 1997年

Akemi ishii - CHA-CHA-CHA (Japanese cover) Finzy Kontini

1986.10.23 SAY YES! & トーク

1986.10.23 接近

1987.5.21  話しかけたかった


菊池桃子 卒業-Graduation-

菊池桃子 資生堂 アクネ 卒業篇(卒業graduation)(1985年)

秋ー菊池桃子 もう逢えないかもしれない(1985) Momoko Kikuchi

菊池桃子-Broken Sunset

菊池桃子 BOYのテーマ (1985)music by林哲司


Youtube would be excellent at making money off pop culture nostalgia.

1984.11.29 雪にかいたLOVE LETTER

Ashurt577 and Ishtar577 have more vids

Friday, January 18, 2008

Contestants for the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model

plus contestants of past years

official website

While Tyra Banks may have complained about comments made in various gossip rags about her weight, why is she contributing to the problem by picking girls who look like this? At least the girls in Germany's Next Top Model look healthier...

Coming in Spring 2008 from Ignatius Press

The Early Papacy To the Synod of Chalcedon in 451, by Adrian Fortescue; edited by Alcuin Reid


Spring 2008 titles coming soon from Ignatius Press

Full text of papal speech Italian students blocked

Full text of papal speech Italian students blocked
Students protested Pope's appearance at university after protesters linked him to statements about Galileo

Photos: Bada

From whatever musical she is performing in at the moment... I think I read something about it last year. Anyways, the photos are quite flattering...

Photos of her training? in Paris?

Michael Shedlock, Fiscal "Stimulus" Doomed To Fail

Fiscal "Stimulus" Doomed To Fail

Bill Bonner, Clowning Achievements

Clowning Achievements

For Watcher

이효리, 섹시한 토끼 변신?! 도발 셀카 화제

Sneak peek at the Star Trek teaser

You can guess what the source is... posted at AICN.

Initial reaction: it's fine as a teaser, but... there's so much more to the final product than what is revealed by the teaser (which may show nothing at all from the movie).

The movie website.

William Lind, On Side Effects

On War #246: Side Effects

As we observe the slow and increasingly certain disintegration of Pakistan, we should force ourselves to confront an uncomfortable fact: events in Pakistan are to a large degree side effects of our war in Afghanistan.

The January 12 Washington Times headline was “Pentagon spies al Qaeda in Pakistan,” as if this were somehow news. It quotes the JCS Chairman, Admiral Michael Mullen, as saying:

There are concerns now about how much (al Qaeda) turned inward, literally, inside Pakistan…so (the Pentagon is) extremely, extremely concerned about that…

One can only respond, quelle surprise! Of course al Qaeda turned inward inside Pakistan. First, Pakistan is strategically a vastly more important prize than Afghanistan or Iraq could ever be. Second, when guerillas are put under pressure in one place, they go somewhere else. Third, we have allowed ourselves to be put in the position of fighting the Pashtun in Afghanistan, and there are lots of Pashtun in Pakistan. War with the Pashtun is war with the Pashtun, to whom borders drawn in London mean nothing.

CI: Kang Su-jung to Wed

From Chosun Ilbo:
TV Presenter Kang Su-jung to Wed
The TV presenter Kang Su-jung will marry a Hong Kong-based fund manager in March, her agent said Sunday.

According to DY Entertainment, the bridegroom is a Korean-American and a Harvard graduate with a master degree in business administration. Identified as Kim, he works as a fund manager for a Hong Kong financial firm. The wedding will be held in Hong Kong, where the groom and his family live.

Rumors about their impending marriage started to spread after the couple was spotted in a restaurant in southern Seoul at Christmas 2006. The two met at the introduction of a fellow presenter of Kang’s three years ago. Since then, the two have dated whenever Kim visits Seoul. They introduced their families to each other and selected the wedding date last month.

However, Kang is likely to continue her career after marriage and live separately from her husband for the time being.

Graduating from Yonsei University, Kang joined KBS as a TV presenter in 2002. She rose to stardom after appearing on the entertainment program “Heroine” and went freelance in 2005.

( )

Ren Xiaolei

Ren Xiaolei (R), who has won the 23rd China Drama Plum Blossom Award, spits fire during a performance in Changle, Fujian province, January 15, 2008. Picture taken January 15, 2008.


Bobby Fischer passes away

Chess Master Bobby Fischer Dies at 64
FIDE to post obituary on its website following Robert Fischer's death
Chess master Bobby Fischer dies at 64


World Chess Federation
Bobby Fischer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Interviewed over the Radio

鈴木保奈美 vids

鈴木保奈美 CM 東京証券

【CM】 鈴木保奈美 JR東日本

JR東日本 イオカードCM 鈴木保奈美

Honami Suzuki-Japan CM kanebo 鈴木保奈美 カネボウ

Panasonic Video Camera "burenbi" Suzuki Honami

Panasonic Video Camera "burenbi" Suzuki Honami 2

Panasonic Video Camera "burenbi" Suzuki Honami 3

Panasonic Video Camera "burenbi" Suzuki Honami 4

CM 0041 鈴木保奈美 田村正和 よいこ

キリン ドラフト 1991

Panasonic ブレンビー① 1990

Panasonic ブレンビー② 1991

カネボウ レビュー 1994

Once again the opening song for Tokyo Love Story:


パナソニックテレビデオ(Panasonic TeleVideo) CF

【CM】 日本リーバ・POND'Sダブルホワイト・柴咲コウ・鈴木保奈美 30s 2000年
I've just noticed today that they don't say the pledge of allegiance here either... now one may be opposed to the recitation of the pledge for various reasons, such as an attachment to states' rights or to the old South and so on... but I can't help but think that this is a social experiment related to the hippie communes of the 60s. Maybe I just don't know much about hippie communes. But the lack of formality and the implicit egalitarianism... it does annoy, and I can't help but think that it is the "small" things like this that lead to bigger problems later in character development.

Bells aren't used to mark time, either. Is this an attempt to make teachers and students more aware of time? Or to make school seem less "institutional"?

They make use of class meetings here, which are run by the students themselves. This isn't the first time I've seen this... students have an agenda and they can use the time to address problems and issues. They also pass a doll around, during which time they can compliment other students.

And there is the "counseling" board, on which students can put up notes, both to remind themselves to make better choices. (There are also notes for contacting parents and praising "star students.") But even this strikes me as being "beaureaucratic" and hence institutional. At least there aren't group sessions in which students critique themselves in front of others, like in Mao's China.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carolyn Baker, Tranforming communities through locally grown food

Tranforming communities through locally grown food
All the stereotypes of Rutland, Vermont as "backward" and "too conservative" to relocalize its economy through local agriculture are fading into the dustbin of history. (Interview with Greg Cox of Boardman Hill Farms.)
Today I was at Windmill Springs, where students call teachers and the principal by their first names. Well, I didn't have any of that. However, the class was well-behaved, one of the best I've seen so far, so I was surprised by that.

The Dell case is definitely not user friendly, not like the last case I had, and adding new components takes much work. I had to remove the power supply before I could put in a new DVD drive. Bah. I hope it lasts for a while, I wouldn't want to do this regularly.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mark Wegierski on Russell Kirk

a review of The Postmodern Imagination of Russell Kirk by Gerald J. Russello: Postmodern, Not Hypermodern: Russell Kirk

The Bank Job trailer

Does it give away too much?

Hrm, the great enka purge from Youtube

Apparently many of the enka videos are no longer available at youtube. Japanese broadcasters are very strict about copyright infringements, so they have probably been complaining to Youtube and getting all kinds of videos pulled. Ah well.


According to Yahoo Movies:
Centers around five Lebanese women, of different religions and ages, who work in a beauty salon.

Sukkar banat (2007)
Caramel (2008)

No Cloverfield this weekend?

A dream with Natalie Portman in it... she was pregnant and at a beach resort? Ocean, cliffs... She mentioned that we had met after I had won some lottery, which sounded vaguely familiar, but maybe that feeling was due to the dream itself and not to memory. Then there were flashbacks of Italy... It was a fun dream while it lasted.

Rotten Tomatoes has some reviews for Cloverfield; it's rather mixed so far. A couple of the regulars at AICN are raving about it (including Harry Knowles), while one contributor didn't like it. But with the shaky camera work and the hidden monster (which isn't actually seen all that much), I don't think my mother would enjoy it that much. I don't think she would be interested in seeing anything else in the theater... maybe I'll postpone taking her to the movies until something decent comes out. (Too bad she's not a Rambo fan. heh.) Bella isn't available on DVD at Deep Discount. The Eye remake opens on February 1... but it stars Jessica Alba.

From AICN:
Answering Questions Is As Easy As Breathing - Sly Answers Back! Day 1
Sly bleeds some more answers in anticipation of RAMBO - Day 2

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman ORG ++{} | Your Newest & Premiere fan ...
Natalie Portman - Yahoo! Movies
Natalie Portman Beyond Beauty - Evey in V for Vendetta
Natalie Portman . Org .. ..
ADORING NATALIE PORTMAN • Your new source for actress Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman Fan site | 30000+ Pictures, Pics and Photos
Star Wars: Biography | Natalie Portman
Portman Online

Jessica Alba|Your #1 source for jessica alba |Good Luck Chuck ...
Jessica Alba @ The Alba Area: Jessica Alba News, Filmography ...
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba :
JESSICA ALBA • Largest and complete Jessica Alba Fansite on the net!
Jessica Alba - Yahoo! Movies
Jessica Alba | More than a woman -
Jessica Alba Fan | | formly
Jessica Alba Fan | Joshua Alba Fan |

Kate Mara

Kate Mara Fan Gallery - Home
Shooter Premiere photos
Kate Mara - Yahoo! Movies


The latest by Neil Marshall, of The Descent (UK)and Dog Soldiers.

Images at IGN.
Slashfilm: Doomsday trailer and photos
Trailer at Yahoo (via AICN)

Neil Marshall's post-apocalyptic actioneer DOOMSDAY has screened ...
Filmstalker: Neil Marshall talks 2007 and Doomsday

The movie stars Rhona Mitra:

Pure Love Club

website; books

Jason Evert

Revolution of Love interview with Jason Evert

Youtube: Jason Evert
Catholic Answers: Seminars: Jason Evert
Jason Evert - Media Photos
Jason Evert on Abstinence Education at The Abstinence ...
ZENIT - What Abstinence Education Gets Right
ZENIT - Talking to Teens About God's Plan for Sex and Their Lives

Romance Without Regret
The Pure Life - phatmass phorum

Here you go Sarge: Talking with Stephanie Smith

Dawn Eden interview

"The Thrill of the Chaste"

The Dawn Patrol
Thrill of the Chaste
Interview on The Thrill of the Chaste on National Review Online
Sexless and loving it | Salon Life
Dean's World - Dawn Eden's Thrill of the Chaste
Busted: Dawn Eden Thrill of the Chaste |
YouTube - Dawn Eden- The Thrill of the Chaste
MercatorNet - Cut to the chaste

Dawn Eden and the Thrill of the Chaste