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Zooey Deschanel, "Crazy"

Not bad...

Chick drama in the form of an action show

Funny how in most episodes of Covert Affairs the main character Annie Walker contemplates whether the balancing act between work and her personal life is worth it, or she is given occasion to think about it once again by the actions of others, or another character gives her advice. Would this happen in real life, with the CIA? "Remember, it's just a job," doesn't really seem to be a realistic attitude at the CIA, except perhaps among the careerists and bureaucrats. One would think that it is staffed by gung-ho patriots who make it their life.

Peter Stanlis passes

Something I didn't get around to posting today:
Dr. Fleming, Peter Stanlis, Requiescat in Pace
Daniel McCarthy, Peter Stanlis, RIP

I should read his Burke and the Natural Law. I hadn't included it among my purchases from Transaction up to this point, but I should somehow get a copy to read.

Interviews for Cowboys and Aliens

Transition Voice: “New Feudalism”: the emerging social structure

Will the plutocracy be able to turn its wealth into military power? I wonder if this is likely. Or would the military instead assume power in a period of rapid collapse?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Harrison Ford on LNwDL


That movie better be good next week!
Grist: Everything that’s wrong with our oil-soaked industrial economy, in one amazing poster

via JIM

James Poulos with Daniel McCarthy

PJTV: The Decline of Constitutional Principles: Is it Time for a Constitutional Convention?
Art of Manliness: The Best Way to Find Your Vocation

A secular counterpart to Opus Dei spirituality? Not quite...

Skimming through the series published last year, I find that it doesn't grapple enough with the fact that a "vocation" as it is defined is a luxury for a relative few. It does hint that there are broader considerations that may infuse existential meaning to any work, but I don't think it goes far enough. There is little discussion of God (the blog isn't a religious one?) While the authors address psychological obstacles, there is little linking of vocation (which seems to be primarily defined in terms of work) with one's actions in the domestic and political spheres. The structure of the political economy is a greater impediment to the realization of a vocation; one can cope or work around it, but there will be compromises, especially with respect to work.

Tiny Houses

Peak Moment 197: Portable House, Simple Life
Yuba Gals Independent Media, Peak Moment Television

I saw something recently on tiny houses -- can't remember if it was at Energy Bulletin or somewhere else... Just like what happened with cob homes. I really should make a record as soon as I see something of interest to me. Internet-induced scatter-brain.

Tiny House Blog
Tiny House Design

"The Enemy is Washington"

An Economy Destroyed by Paul Craig Roberts

Entitlements are funded with a payroll tax. Wars are not funded. The criminal Bush regime lied to Americans and claimed that the Iraq war would only cost $70 billion at the most and would be paid for with Iraq oil revenues. When Bush’s chief economic advisor, Larry Lindsay, said the Iraq invasion would cost $200 billion, Bush fired him. In fact, Lindsay was off by a factor of 20. Economic and budget experts have calculated that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have consumed $4,000 billion in out-of-pocket and already incurred future costs. In other words, the ongoing wars and occupations have already eaten up the $4 trillion by which Obama hopes to cut federal spending over the next ten years. Bomb now, pay later.

As taxing the rich is not part of the political solution, the focus is on rewarding the insurance companies by privatizing Medicare at some future date with government subsidized insurance premiums, by capping Medicaid, and by loading the diminishing middle class with additional Social Security tax.

Washington’s priorities and those of its presstitutes could not be clearer. President Obama, like George W. Bush before him, both parties in Congress, the print and TV media, and National Public Radio have made it clear that war is a far more important priority than health care and old age pensions for Americans.

Quo Vadis as an illustration of purity of heart

Purity: Youth Restored By Anthony Esolen
If we were praying and living as Christians, would we make more converts, despite the sapparent obstacles? Does the quality of our bishops reflect the health of the Church? (And vice versa?)

One Against Many

If you ever find yourself set upon by a flash mob... this may not be enough. Just Run.

A teaser for this DVD. Apparently his background is in Krav Maga.

Another clip.

From Loren W Christensen: Fighting Dirty and Speed Training.

ZT Zero Tolerance 0777

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life is fragile and short.

Judgment comes sooner than you think.

Kyrie eleison.

Hormiz David, Ramina Badal, and Ninos Yacoub Dead in Vernall Fall at Yosemite Park
Search For Three Yosemite Victims Continues, Family Speaks Out
Family of Manteca woman swept over Vernal Fall releases statement
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band & The Del McCoury Band "I'll Fly Away" on Letterman 07/19

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper Grey Fox 2011

MARIE DIGBY - Paint Me In Your Sunshine

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While I was watching the commercial for Fox's Terra Nova for the thirtieth time, something occurred to me: why would you send mankind's last hope back in time to Earth before the massive extinction event that wipes out the dinosaurs. Do the humans think they are so clever that they can at that catastrophe somehow? The humans have nowhere to flee except the past, as their Earth no longer has a future. So why not send them to a time period when they might have a good chance of survival? (And there is the time paradox: if they go back in time and disrupt history by preventing the evolution of higher mammals, will human beings come to exist in the first place?)

Maybe Steven Spielberg really likes dinosaurs and he them in his TV project, but the plot just sounds stupid. (And it appears the humans are prepared to live in a planet of dinosaurs, so I don't think they were jumping blindly into the past.)

Dr. Jeff Mirus's tribute to Dr. Carroll

Warren H. Carroll, R.I.P. by Dr. Jeff Mirus

Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself

MW once said something to me about good actors not having a strong identity. (This was based primarily on observations of homosexual actors.) Is this another illustration of his claim? Is there a link between the lack of identity and narcissism as well, or are these two separate traits? I don't have time to watch the video at the moment, but it seems to be immersed in pop psych and therapeutic language and contemporary liberal values.

Dr. Wilson explains Jeffersonian democracy

From Democracy’s Dictionary (With Apologies to Ambrose Bierce) (via the Western Confucican):

For the record: I believe in the noble but now defunct American tradition of Jeffersonian democracy—a free society with majority rule. Majority rule is more likely to yield a just decision that any policy of a self-appointed Hamiltonian elite of the wise and good, i.e., rich. This is only a practical position and not an article of holy doctrine. The majority should usually decide those things which the majority has a right to decide. However, in Jeffersonian democracy, almost all of private and social life lies beyond the jurisdiction of the state, whether ruled by the one, the few, or the many. What now passes for “democracy” in “America” is a universe away from the real thing.

A higher ed bubble in the UK?

The Hermeneutic of Continuity: A proposed Catholic university college for the liberal arts

The proposal does address the lack of something in the UK, but would the money and energy be better spent on a different sort of effort? Could there be a reform of secondary education, restoring it in some ways to the medieval system? Or is it too late there, as well?

The coming UK energy meltdown by Euan Mearns
An interesting discussion over at Art of Manliness: Are Men What They Used to Be? I don't think you'll see anyone from the manosphere weighing in though.

The Contrarians CD available

Their website. (MySpace)
scribd: How the Maine Approach Was Born, An Excerpt from Alone and Invisible No More

Promoting health (proper diet and fitness) will help alleviate some health problems, but do Americans believe in too much independence? Would it be better for some part of the care of our elders to be taken up once again by their families?

윤도현, 김조한, 박정현, "Desperado"


For the medieval history buffs

‘Non solum rex, sed regum optimus: Godfrey of Bouillon in the Historia of William of Tyre
The role of castles in the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant 1187 to 1380
Behind the shield-wall: The experience of combat in late Anglo-Saxon England
Images of the Military Orders, 1128-1291: Spiritual, Secular, Romantic
Religion, Warrior Elites, and Property Rights


Consumed Trailer from slackjaw on Vimeo.

Watch the movie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NPR: The Al-Qaida 'Triple Agent' Who Infiltrated The CIA (mp3)

"This was something that had never happened in the history of the CIA," says Warrick. "There's been hundreds of agents of all kinds — some have been liars and frauds, many disappointments — but no one had ever tried to infiltrate the CIA to blow himself up and kill a bunch of officers. And for that reason, no one really saw this coming. No one thought that he might try to do this."

Either we have had a bunch of morons at the CIA for some time, or institutional decay has accelerated recently, as some like Bob Baer would suggest.

David Korten on How to Liberate America

How to Liberate America by David Korten
How is it that our nation is awash in money, but too broke to provide jobs and services? David Korten introduces a landmark new report, "How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule."


Anthony Bourdain in Macau

Would be nice to see this episode.

Behind the Scenes in Macau
Check out behind-the-scenes photos of Tony's trip to Macau--highlights include Go Kart racing and local street food.

Duncan Stroik wins 2011 Palladio Award

Traditional Building: 2011 Palladio Award - New Design & Construction – less than 30,000 sq.ft.
Winner: Duncan G. Stroik Architect, LLC

Sacred Mission by Lynne Lavelle

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Recommended by John Médaille.

Dr. Warren Carroll Reads the Proclamation of the Irish Republic

Christendom College's faux Irish culture... but it is Dr. Carroll.
Ordinariate Portal: William Tighe: The genesis of Anglicanorum coetibus (Anglo-Catholic)
Paul Gottfried, Encountering the Left: My Meetings with Herbert Marcuse

PFS 2010 - Paul Gottfried, Encountering the Left: My Meetings with Herbert Marcuse from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

A review of his The Strange Death of Marxism: The European Left in the New Millennium: The Strange Transformation of Marxism.

(via MB)

The Family in America

An updated url to an essay by Allan Carlson given in this post: The Family in America: Retrospective and Prospective, by Allan C. Carlson, Ph.D.

Who wants to invest in Foursquare now?

This Email Got One Stanford Student A Huge Job At Foursquare

Tim Ferris linked to this on his FB. Look at the grammar and the syntax of the e-mail. Then read the comments left by readers -- their annoyance is rather understandable. AA hire? He's rather clueless to post something like this and not foresee the negative impact on his image. The responses by the founders are not much better in terms of professionalism. Foursquare: at the tail end of the bubble? There's a sucker born every minute, and misallocation of wealth makes this possible.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

The Fresh Air Interview: Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

Gillian Welch
David Rawlings Machine

From 2010:

Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Classic Sounds On 'Heirloom Music'
Interview: Béla Fleck on the Reunited Flecktones

A trailer, but no release date yet...

Everyone's keeping their fingers crossed and hoping it will be completed soon -- Wong Kar-wai's biopic of Yip Man.

First (Real) Trailer for Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS Has Finally Arrived!

If you've seen Donnie Yen's Yip Man movies, you might think the fight choreography resembles Wing Chun much less.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interethnic might be a better adjective.

As opposed to "interracial," if the cultural backgrounds are different. Asian-Americans who assimilate are the meeting places of two cultures -- at home it is their parents native culture, to an extent, in public it is usually the American proposition nation. There may be an interracial relationship between two people who have some sort of an Anglo-American cultural background. Even then, one might find some opposition on the part of the parents.

KoreAm: July Issue: Actress Diane Farr Dishes On Interracial Relationships

Her website. I linked to her CNN piece last week.

American Wasteland

Something related to Shannon Hayes's note.

Yes! Magazine: American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of its Food
Book review: Jonathan Bloom's "American Wasteland" and the ethical side of food disposal.

American Wasteland
Wasted Food

A critical look at Otto von Habsburg

By Dr. Trifkovic: Otto von Habsburg’s Ambiguous Legacy

The Warrior Ethos

Steven Pressfield, The Warrior Ethos (via Dr. Helen)

From his blog an introduction to the series upon which the book is based:

It’s called The Warrior Ethos. It’s an ongoing series about exactly what the title says. The primary audience I’m writing it for is our young men and women in uniform, but I hope that other warriors from other walks of life will give it a chance as well. The first Warrior Ethos post will appear in this space today, Wednesday 2/9, a couple of hours after this intro runs. After this week, the series will appear every Monday.

An insufficient appreciation of the differences between men and women? Or is he just going along with the times?

Surviving the Cut: US Army Sniper School Sneak Peek

Twins promoted to captain on Forward Operating Base Salerno

Capt. Nathan Dyer (left) and Capt. Jonathan Dyer, identical twins, take the oath of office at Forward Operating Base Salerno, Afghanistan, July 2, 2011. Nathan is an AH-64D Apache pilot and platoon leader with the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, Task Force Tigershark. Jonathan is the Logistics and Supply officer for the 40th Engineer Battalion, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, TF Ram. They were both promoted to captain prior to being given the oath.

A good comparison of the two camo patterns.

Items of Interest, 18 July 2011

Karen De Coster, Joel Salatin on Twinkies vs Raw Milk

ASPO USA: ASPO-USA Focuses on “Truth in Energy,” “What Next?”

The new austerity and the EROI squeeze by Eric Zencey

What The Happiness Balance Sheet Looks Like By Sue Jackson
A new documentary, The Economics of Happiness, argues that we need to revamp the global economic paradigm if we're to cheer up. Sue Jackson spoke to its director, Helena Norberg-Hodge

Japanese agricultural heritage systems recognized
Shimako Takahashi, Anne McDonald and Luohui Liang, Our World 2.0
Today there is widespread awareness of the food challenges posed by a growing global population and exacerbated by ecological problems resulting from the industrialization of the world’s food system and the changing climate. But academics and policymakers are increasingly finding hope in local knowledge, looking to ingenious agricultural systems that reflect a profound relationship with nature and have played a role in the evolution of humankind.

Energy and peace: the dangers of our slow energy transition by Shruti Mehrotra and Benedick Bowie

A Conversation with Rob Hopkins (and hosted by Richard Heinberg) (mp3)

Vibram (FiveFingers) Sues Fila (Skele-Toes) for Patent Infringement
Would it be possible to make a FF with open toes? Would that help alleviate problems with odor?

How I Lost 100 lbs with Paleo and Exercise

Mass Psychosis in the US: How Big Pharma Hooked Americans on Drugs
by James Ridgeway

Slow Food SF: Slow Sip Happy Hour at Yield on Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colonists and Indians: The Movie

Shannon Hayes on meat consumption

From her FB:

Is Radical Homemaking Incompatible with Grain-Free Living?

I was sent the above question last week. Here is my response:

First, please understand that I simply cannot jump on board and believe that any particular dietary regime is the right course of action for every human being. When my family's health crisis started, I was in the process of writing the manuscript for my 3rd cookbook, Long Way on A Little, which focuses on helping folks to eliminate waste with grassfed meat consumption. I was developing lots of recipes that incorporate grassfed meat with grains and legumes. Then we went through our health crisis, and I wasn't able to test the recipes. Rather than hire a recipe tester, it was cheaper for me to re-write the book, focusing on recipes that didn't contain grains or legumes, so that our family could eat whatever I had to test. But I also had the challenge of still focusing on prudent meat consumption. Here's what I can tell you as a result of that experience:

I work in a cutting room @the farm, and just in that phase of food production, 20% of every animal harvested, and probably more often more than 30% of the hanging weight, is completely good food that is wasted. It never even gets wrapped for sale, because people just won't eat it. That includes the bones, the fat, pig skin, the heads, the feet, the organ meats, etc. Once folks buy the meat and take it home, there is even more waste. Unsure of food safety, folks throw out tons of perfectly good meat, or they cook it for one meal, and wind up discarding leftovers, unsure of how to use them. Thus, I cannot accept that a meat-based diet is bad for the planet and against RH values. What I can believe is that we are still incredibly wasteful. We can feed a lot more folks a lot more nutritionally dense food that is raised in harmony with the planet.

To do this in my home, i focus my family's diet on the 20-30% of the animal that gets wasted. I boil 10# of bones into broth every week. We drink it like milk. One cup of good broth for breakfast-on-the-run provides us unbelievable staying power. We picnic a lot, and I do that by drawing from French culinary traditions, making rillettes, rillons and confits, which can be made well ahead and will be preserved in nutritious fat. We also do a lot of devilled eggs, chicken salads, terrines and head cheese. All of this stuff is actually quite easy to do - it just takes some kitchen time. But when done ahead, it enables me to have fast meals easily. One day of kitchen work can actually buy me about a week of nearly "kitchen free" time. Because there is always lots of bone broth in my fridge, I can make "instant soup" faster than any Campbell's can. I boil the broth, toss in whatever veggies are on hand, and supper is on the table in just a few minutes.

When you focus on the 20-30% of the animal that is wasted, the cost of eating a meat-based diet drops significantly. Many farmers often give that stuff away, rather than see it go to waste. Interestingly, if more people would buy that waste meat, we grass farmers could probably drop the prices on our other premium cuts, because we would still garner the same net return. In my family's case, a 1 month supply of insulin costs $800. Eating without grains, refined sugars or legumes, we can make that 1 month supply last about 6 months, so the savings right there is pretty significant.

Learning to cook for a busy family w/out grains and legumes took some doing. But in many ways, I think I'm able to spend less time in the kitchen, now that I've come up the learning curve. If this is something you feel you need to do for your family's health, I just want to assure you that it can be done. Take heart, and feel free to write with any more questions you may have.

U. of Sacramento is shutting down

Cardinal Newman Society: Legionaries’ University of Sacramento Closing Doors

It's unfortunate it couldn't be taken over by another group.

The official announcement from Christendom

Christendom College Founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll Dies at 79

His lecture series on itunes.

Dr. Carroll has passed away.

Read on FB that he passed away yesterday. He was one of the founders of Christendom College and well beloved by the students. His lectures in history were engrossing. I am sure an official notice will be posted today, and I will link to it once it appears. May he rest in peace.

Michael Janich for Spyderco

e-budo: Michael Echanis
The Complete Michael D. Echanis
Michael D. Echanis: Hwa Rang Do’s American Mercenary
Hwa Rang Do: The Untold Story (DOCUMENTARY DVD)

The Ultimate Guide to Reality-Based Self-Defense (book)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CNN: U.S. Army may soon equip troops with smartphones

"The Army is wrapping up a six-week program to test the viability of using touchscreen phones and tablets in combat. The pilot program began on June 6 within the White Sands and Fort Bliss training areas in New Mexico and Texas."

Don't they need transmission towers??? Unless they're really talking about sat phones.Sounds like a prelude to FFW. Or the remnants of Land Warrior. Is there a danger of technology replace valuable human skills, like land navigation? At the very least this may prevent friendly-fire incidents. But how much communication is needed between units before it starts to interfere with decision-making? I don't think testing by a force with 2GW mentality can tell us a complete account of t the usefulness of such technology, but I haven't seen any articles about the US military's love affair with technology lately.

Land Warrior Overview
The Story of Land Warrior

This is fun: The Future Soldier Systems

The good old days, Sarge:
Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS)

Items in Tactical Knives

Ed Killian, K5 Tactical
Benchmade: Model 172 Tomahawk

Johnny Tsai: CUMA (Combined Universal Martial Applications) and the ARC reality-based fighting program (All Range Combat).
CUMA Evolution



Those who liked Taken might enjoy the movie. The twist is decent, but the consequences of the twist are rather implausible.

*spoiler warning*

Aidan Hart, Diversity Within Iconography - An Artistic Pentecost