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Recent articles at Taki's Mag

Despite the appearance of the website, there are still some interesting articles on culture and politics at Taki's Mag, thanks to Steve Sailer and others.

The Obamas: Not Quite the Huxtables by Steve Sailer
Inconvenient Truths About Sundance by Kathy Shaidle
Everybody’s Doing the Locomotion by Bruce Cochran
Over the Hill at 35 by John Derbyshire
I'm posting this more for Welmer's observations on prostitution on China than the discussion he is trying to start: Time to Reopen Debate on Prostitution. Even if it could be shown that allowing prostitution is warranted because of the social problems that it would mitigate (beta males and neglected or abused husbands looking for female companionship), I don't think that the powers that be would ever rewrite the laws.

An interesting comment on breast cancer and prostate cancer screening.
Kyle Alden & Athena Tergis Presented By The Celtic Society of Monterey Bay 7pm Evening Concert, Sunday, Feb 19

Don Quioxte

Athena Tergis

I was wondering what 91.5 was, as it has a show on Thursday mornigns for American, Celtic, and bluegrass music. (The show announced the above concert.) It turns out to be Cupertino's listener-supported radio station, KKUP.
Special Report: Bloomberg reloads in push for gun control

The mayors of Boston and NYC. Too bad both teams can't lose the Superbowl. I have no love for either megapolis and they probably deserve collapse, if not being turned to salt.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Domincian Rite Missa Cantata of St. Thomas Aquinas at St. Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula CA (NLM)

Fr. Augustine has a new biography on St. Francis of Assisi
A great song for the commute to work.

I've had too much exposure to John Taylor Gatto and the like... A review of his first eye-opening book.

Meanwhile, some sad news about SGA, via Rorate Caeli: FSSP to Close St. Gregory's Academy.

I think the speculation over at RC (though it is supposedly based on "inside" sources) might be off. As far as I know, it has been difficult making the school financially viable for some time.

The Race for... Donations and Financial Support

Regardless of how the official statement rationalizes the change of mind, does the reversal by Susan G. Komen really surprise anyone? Look at the sex of who's in charge of the organization - as those who dwell in the manosphere would say, herd mentality, anyone? Such "charitable" organizations can keep them only in existence through their pet issue. Many women's health organizations use rhetoric about how women's health has been neglected and appeal to sentimentality regarding women (mothers, sisters, daughters). Would they talk about the link between abortion/the use of abortifacients and breast cancer? What about possible links between hormones/artificial contraceptives and breast cancer? Finally, what makes us think that we can find a cure for cancer? Or is it possible that avoiding cancer could be as easy as avoiding putting certain things in our body?

This might be the grumblings of an old man, but when all is said about what has been happening with this organization, it seems rather ridiculous.

Edit. There is speculation that this is not a real reversal, as Komen has not pledged future support for PP. (Its criteria for selecting recipients may be modified/made more obvious?) In that case, my first point would not apply with regards to a reversal but only as a comment on "female solidarity on women's [health] issues," since current grants to PP are not affected.

Jim Mills: Banjo Man on UNC-TV

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Steve Keen

To hear Dr. Steve Keen speak in person, attend The International Conference on Sustainability, Transition & Culture Change: Vision, Action, Leadership.

To learn more and register visit:


Dr. Steve Keen received the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review in 2010 for being the economist who most cogently warned of the economic crisis, and whose work is most likely to prevent future crises.

He is Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney and author of "Debunking Economics" (2011).

Dr. Keen was one of the handful of economists to realise that a serious economic crisis was coming our way, and to publicly warn of it from as early as December 2005 (

This, and his pioneering work on modelling debt-deflation, resulted in him winning the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review ( for being the economist whose work is most likely to prevent a future financial crisis.

He is one of the handful of economists to receive a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking (

Dr. Keen was able to predict the crisis due to economic work that expands upon Keyes, Fischer, and Minsky, utilizing an accounting, flow of funds or circuit model.

He was one of the few economists studied for the paper "No One Saw This Coming" (2009) by Bezemer, Dirk J.

Keen is commonly interviewed by TV stations and written up in the press. He is often invited to meetings of financial advisors, hedge funds and economic conferences, world wide.

Dr. Keen maintains a highly influential blog on economics ( and his book Debunking Economics is a classic exposition of why Neoclassical economic theory is not only wrong, but more of a threat to the survival of capitalism than any number of left-wing revolutionaries. The second edition will be published in October 2011.

Dr. Keen is Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney, and author of the popular book Debunking Economics (Zed Books UK, 2001;

He has over 70 academic publications on topics as diverse as financial instability, the money creation process, mathematical flaws in the conventional model of supply and demand, flaws in Marxian economics, the application of physics to economics, Islamic finance, and the role of chaos and complexity theory in economics.

His work has been translated into multiple languages.

Steve Keen's Debtwatch blog ( makes his non-orthodox approach to economics available to the public.

The site has over 12,000 subscribers and more than 50,000 unique readers each month.

Dr. Keen's excellent communication skills were honed in his pre-academic career, which included stints as a school librarian, education officer for an NGO, conference organizer, computer programmer, journalist for the computer press, and economic commentator for ABC Radio National and Radio Australia.

Larry Vickers on Daniel Defense

From this year's SHOT Show:

The state is unsustainable

But there seem to be some good things happening in Arizona...

Arizona bill would nullify health care act in its entirety
Brewer signs bill authorizing volunteer state militia

Just noticed that the second was from April last year. What's the present status of the organization?

The Archdruid Report: The Recovery of the Human

The Archdruid Report: The Recovery of the Human: The myth of the machine, the theme of last week’s Archdruid Report post, has implications that go well beyond the usual terms of discussion...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Girls Generation in NYC

On Late Night with Letterman:


On Live with Kelly!:


Does Kelly Ripa really deserve to have that show all to herself?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Items of Interest, 31 January 2012

Mark Sisson:
Musings on Specialization and Self-Sufficiency in the Modern World
How much specialization/division of labor is necessary for a polity to reach its natural perfection?

I am Now Leaner and Stronger than I Have Ever Been in My Life

Diet and Health:
Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

American History:
An interesting tidbit via The Pittsford Perennialist: The American Revolution and the Six Nations of the Iroquois
Rebellion: Dismantling the Republic

Jordi Savall: "La música es lo único que ayuda a soportar el dolor"
Richard Egarr Revives Baroque Music

Lana Del Rey, Reactionary

Her recent performance on SNL was criticized.

Feminism and Femininity
Traditional Christianity: The Feminine Woman
Oz Conservative: A car sticker for jaded women?  and From the horse's mouth

Masculinity and MRA:
Oz Conservative: Three Prides
Is honor that Rob Roy speaks of in the Liam Neeson movie the same as the third thing named "pride" by Mark Richardson, the kind of honor that one gives to one's self through one's actions and cannot be taken away by someone else? Honor is not the same as recognition of excellence; it is due once that excellence is recognized. Pride as the ordinate desire for excellence... or ordinate self-love.

Shame and Dehumanization Prevent Reform and The Problem with Socializing the “Best Interests of the Child”

The Chuck Finale: What Network TV Tells Us About Love and Marriage

Items of Interest, 31 January 2012

Patrick Buchanan, Obama Sandbags the Archbishop
Tom Piatak, The Evil Party Rides Again
Vox Populi: Selective and belated protest

Karen De Coster: Amy Alkon on Homo Barbarus and A Book About Flinching and Fear

Pillars of Agrarianism

Jeffersonian Exceptionalism by Paul Pillar

Brad Birzer's series of interviews with Catholic "conservatives," "Bearers of the Word," can be found here. His interview with Daniel McCarthy. (via Daniel McCarthy; Rod Dreher's post)

Fabius Maximus: Martin van Creveld explains the essence of Airpower Yesterday,Today, and Tomorrow and Some foes of the Republic revealed themselves by sponsoring the Enemy Expatriation Act

NDAA Taking You Back to the 19th Century

State Governments check Federal power

Daniel Larison, What Santorum Learned from Bush-era Foreign Policy Failures, Santorum Still Stuck in 2002: They Hate Us Because of Our Freedom, The Dangerous Idea of NATO Expansion Will Not Die

James Antle on the Republicans behind Obamacare: Now what the doctor ordered.

"The Conservative Believes..." by Russell Kirk

What is a Conservative?

Mark T. Mitchell, Monstanto vs. Family Farmers

Franklin C. Spinney, The On-going Scandal of the F-35

The Ongoing War on Iran by PATRICK COCKBURN
Where to go for information about our conflict with Iran, and why you should understand what’s happening
Iranian aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Mexico
Israeli Officials: Attack on Iran Must Come ‘By Summer’
Daniel Larison, Nasr: Iran Sanctions Leading to War
Hormuz-Mania: Why closure of the Straits of Hormuz could ignite a war and a global depression by Michael Klare

The Crisis of Civilization reviewed (EB)

Kevin Carson, Why the State Will Fail
Interview with Richard Heinberg on Occupy Educated
Beyond GDP: New Measures for a New Economy by Lew Daly, Stephen Posner (EB)
Capitalism only creates misery – we need a system that puts human wellbeing first
The Price of Growth by Gregor Macdonald
Where Did All the Workers Go? 60 Years of Economic Change in 1 Graph
More reasons why we are reaching limits to growth by Gail Tverberg (EB)
The fallacy of the tragedy of the commons by Marq de Villiers (EB)

A guide for sustainability advocates by Niki Harré (EB)

Education and the Way Home by Jeffrey Polet
For Farmers Everywhere, Small is (Still) Beautiful by Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
Meet the New Boss: You
5 Big Ideas For A New Economy
Sharing a Skilled Future (EB)
Is Valpo Ready for Citizen Finance?
My prices are not too high: A farmer fires back by Shannon Hayes (EB)
Brewing Better Local Economies with American Craft Beer

Peak Oil and Energy:
Peak Oil: Yes, Still a Serious Issue (EB)
The Hydrogen Dream (EB)
Oil prices, exhaustible resources, and economic growth: report extract
by James D. Hamilton (EB)

Muleskinner Blues

Sara Evans With Del Mccoury Band - Muleskinner Blues

And Dolly Parton...

Karen Wheeler

Bill Monroe

More on Act of Valor

Act of Valor featurette featuring live ammo is dangerously cool

Monday, January 30, 2012

Medieval England - Anon., ca 1265 : Worldes blis ne last no throwe

Ensemble Belladonna (not to be confused with the Belladonna Baroque Quartet)
Dreamt about the same person two nights in a row - last night's dream was longer, and bore no real relation to reality. It was more like a Hollywood movie or drama than anything.

A consequence of trying to put someone out of my thoughts?
Black Belt: Tim Kennedy Shows You H2HC Self-Defense Moves Based on His MACP Combatives, SOCP Combatives and Army Rangers Training

Matthew Broderick goes full-on Ferris Bueller in Super Bowl Ad

Sunday, January 29, 2012

And Russell Shaw is at it again..

Riding his hobbyhorse, inveighing against the Catholic ghetto - of course, he relies upon his understanding of Opus Dei's teachings about the [lay] Christian vocation and his stance is understandable if incorrect. Culture and Evangelization (via Rod Dreher).
Some home-school their children to avoid the sex education imposed in schools. Some have given up on television and take great pains to police internet use. Still others have made the radical move of quitting big cities and their suburbs in favor of smaller, more tradition-minded and culturally homogeneous communities making fewer assaults on their eyes, ears, and morals. (Thomas Monaghan’s Ave Maria, Florida is a high-profile prototype of this.)

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of a new Catholic subculture has begun to emerge. It can be seen in a handful of proudly orthodox Catholic colleges and universities, media ventures like the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) and rapidly expanding Catholic radio stations, a growing number of websites and periodicals and a few publishing houses, and organizations and movements dedicated to promoting Catholic spirituality—especially, a spirituality of the laity. In other cases, older Catholic institutions and programs have begun taking steps to reaffirm their Catholic idenity. Often, these things happen with encouragement from a new generation of bishops and priests who have gotten the message and taken it to heart.

This is all to the good—up to a point. But note that when I speak of the desirability of a new Catholic subculture, I do not mean a self-regarding, inward-looking ghetto. Unfortunately, signs of such a thing already can be glimpsed here and there. They seem likely to spread if steps are not taken to discourage that from happening.

Here is where the new evangelization comes in. It provides rationale and motivation for Catholics to set their sights on something far better than a Catholic ghetto—the creation of a new, dynamic American Catholic subculture specifically designed to be a source of creative energy for preaching the gospel far and wide, with particular attention to former Catholics and nominal Catholics who are teetering on the brink.

The work of evangelizing (as a work of love of neighbor) must be inserted within the order of charity and not as seen as a goal that outweighs all others. What must be the first priority is the recovery of communal life in the form of local parish. There is no real  (sub-)culture without a community; what Shaw calls a subculture is rather misleading, since he is attributing it to certain institutions and mass media companies that seem to have a wide influence. The scale is all wrong.

Can Catholics show others what it means to be Christian and be a means of attracting them to God? Yes, but I think a convincing Christian witness requires that they live in community with other Christians, and not as individuals who have embraced the modern American lifestyle. Hence, his recommendations for the lay vocation are off because his doesn't grasp the socio-political problems that affect these United States. Any discussion of the lay vocation requires a good moral theology that (1) includes the ordo caritatis and (2) incorporates a good elaboration of the science of politics - a recovery and development of medieval political theology.
Rod Dreher continues his criticism of Ron Paul: What racism means.

Those who would be race "realists" versus those who want to make a statement against racism. Yawn.

The Bee Eaters on this week's Pig in a Pen

Episode expires in 2 weeks.

official and MS

David Stockman on Crony Capitalism

Bill Moyers - Vimeo.

David Stockman on Crony Capitalism from on Vimeo.

(Complete episode via this Kunstler Cast.)

Davichi & T-ara(다비치&티아라) _ We were in love(우리 사랑했잖아) MV