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Thistle and Shamrock

An NPR-produced program that is featured on KALW, showcasing Celtic music from Europe and North America. Past shows.

Outwit Outplay Outlast

Yahoo! TV

I was into the first few episodes of this season of Survivor since it was men vs. women and I wanted to see if it would reveal any of the sex differences that we know exist.

The game encourages deceit and back-stabbing, which appeals to the dark side of women and is opposed to the loyalty and turstworthiness that men need in order to co-operate in the real world. If someone fails to live up to these expectations, there are more serious consequences than being voted out and losing the opportunity to win the cash prize. In the political realm there can be disloyalty and deceit on the part of the men who hold power towards one another. Such behavior may deserve to be called "Machiavellian." But are women more likely than men to engage in such practices in their personal relationships or get away with it? Certainly the viewer witnesses a lot of cattiness among the women, and to a degree the men show this as well. This may be understandable in so far as the normal methods for resolving conflict between men (other than direct confrontation) are not available. (Lowering of status, exile, and so on - real enforcement of conduct and punishments.)

Survivor does not replicate the Hobbesian state of nature - if it did, there might be actual violence as a ramification for betrayal. The "society" is artificial; there is a common purpose, winning the cash prize, but that is it. There is no genuine common good, since the cash prize for which all are ultimately competing is a private (not shared) good, so the contestants do not resemble a true primitive community, whose members live and co-operate with one another for the sake of the group and the friendships of which it is composed.

How deep are the friendships that are formed, when interactions are part of the game and subject to the rules of the game? There may be some history of living together after a few weeks, but can there be reasonable trust among the competitotrs? Why cheering on a team if it does not reflect one's actual alliances? The team is a mere instrument to winning.

Christina Cha is probably the most attractive woman this season. Her website.

Edit: VIDEO Christina Cha Survivor: One World Interview — ‘I Was Totally Playing The Game’
Tried the local Cafe Venus last night; went there to compare with the one in Fremont. A lot of Hongkies there and a few mainlanders -- definitely a FOB place for food. They are probably De Anza students. Even my mother was repulsed by their behavior, mannerisms, loud voices, and words. The food there isn't much better than the food offered in Fremont. I do think the fried noodles were slightly better -- or the portion was bigger, at least. But I didn't feel good eating it, but that isn't unusual when eating Chinese food these days. Too many carbs, too much vegetable oil or something. I doubt I would go there again... hamburgers are more satisfying and I don't need to expect much from one.

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I don't like the new Blogger [editor]. The old editor was simpler and more user-friendly, I think. (And that's not just my ease and comfort speaking out! For example, switching between blogs is now less intuitive, and various settings that were remembered before appear to restore to default each time you sign on now.)
Adolf Hitler, Our Contemporary by Srdja Trifkovic

Given the reaction against the graphic violence in the Temple of Doom (the tearing of the heart out of the sacrificial victim) that lead to the creation of the PG-13 rating, was that any worse than Nazis melting and blowing up in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Was someone or a group exercising undue influence on the MPAA to let Raiders of the Lost Ark slide with a PG rating because the depiction of such violence and gore was acceptable since Nazis were the ones dying in such a grotesque manner? After all, it was some sort of divine justice being portrayed through the opening of the Ark of the Covenant, with God's enemies being smitten by the angel of death?

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Interview with Cardinal Tong

Gratitude, patience, waiting. Three words for the Church in China (English and Chinese versions)
Interview with the new Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong

And something recent from Asia News: Excommunicated Bishop at Nanchong ordination. Abp. Savio Hon: Disobedience leads to self-destruction

Holy Spirit Center
The seventh Chinese cardinal in the history of the Church: John Tong Hon
Pope names Bishop Tong as Cardinal

Yes, but...

From "Fostering a Culture of Vocation," Daniel Fitzpatrick:

I can only really speak from where I'm from in England, but I think if you said "vocation," to somebody, they would automatically think of priesthood, religious life, consecrated life, [maybe] some might think of married life. But we want to try and foster the idea that vocation is for everybody, not just people who want to enter seminary, or a convent, or a monastery. God has called every single one of us to a specific purpose.

A culture of vocation would be a culture where people are thinking about their own vocation, about where God is calling them to be. Vocation goes hand-in-hand with being a Christian, [and is not just as something that's extra if you want to take religion a bit more seriously.] It goes hand-in-hand with being a Christian because, if you're going to be a Christian, then you have to serve God in some particular way.
What the laity living in Western countries need are specifics...

The California Honeydrops

They'll be at this year's Strawberry Festival as well.
official (MS, CDBaby)

First, "Boutique Retreat Center"

Now it is advertising "Cross Fit for Life" classes. A rip-off of a certain physical fitness TM?

Life After RC: Family or corporation?

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Items of Interest, 18 April 2012

John Michael Greer, America: The Price of Supremacy

Did the Founders expect the Courts to Declare Laws Unconstitutional?

T. S. Eliot as Conservative Mentor by Roger Scruton

Our Allotted Time is the Passing of a Shadow: The Modernist Fallacy by Brennan Pursell

Peter Hitchens, Reflections on How to Punish Mass Murderers

Katniss Everdine, Localist

Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching

How the Duggars Support 19 Kids and Live Debt-Free

César Chávez hailed as model for Catholics in public life
(Cesar Chavez: Longtime foe of illegal immigration, Cesar Chavez, Minuteman, The Rise and Fall of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers)

Senators Reject Iran Talks, Demand More Sanctions

Daniel Larison, Democratic Peace Theory Is False

Jason Peters, Devolution, Triviality, and Vocation

Rod Dreher, The Myth of Food Deserts

More on the power of makeup: Before and after makeup: Reddit user’s startling photo

Young People Tire of Old Economic Models By ANDREW C. REVKIN
3-Part Series on The Most Promising Sector of Our Economy: Small Business

Peak Oil and Energy:
Two Energy Books of Interest
Are oil subsidies worth the price? by Mark Notaras and Brendan Barrett (EB)

The Precepts of the Church
Holy Resurrection Monastery: Eastern-rite monks celebrate Easter
Late Night at Holy Resurrection Monastery

риарх Кирилл совершил чин умовения ног

Patriarch Kyril, washing of the feet
The Priest Who Translates the Gospel Into Sign Language

Who Knew that Women Crave Dominant Men
Transvaginal Ultrasound: Nothing Like Being Raped
The female body, animal imagery, and authoritarian discourse in the Ancrene Riwle
Bringing home a porn star

Social alienation and political subversion: Anti-Judaism in medieval Spanish music

Diet and Health:
LLVLC SPOTLIGHT: Swedish Physician And Kostdoktorn ('Diet Doctor') Blogger Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
How I Lost 30 Pounds on Tim Ferriss's Slow Carb Diet

Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

Lindsey Stirling

Rebellion: Southern Music Break (Sons of Bill)

Chrissy Crowley: A Caper in Cuba Too!

Baroque Dance: "La Chaconne de Phaestons"

Gillian Welch's Spring Tour
Only one stop in CA, in San Diego. But she is performing in Phoenix and San Antonio.

La Princesse de Montpensier: fantasy & reality

Rod Dreher, The ‘Who Watches Mad Men?’ Effect

Where This Brotherhood Began

The King's Singers, Live at the BBC Proms 2011

The King's Singers

J.D. Crowe & the New South - You Can Be a Millionaire

'The Maccabees' project -- dead in the water?

Mel Gibson Rage Recording in Costa Rica

Kyrie eleison.

Keep Food Legal


Joel Salatin: War Stories from the Local Food Front

Joel Salatin: War Stories from the Local Food Front from Australian Broadcasting Corporation on

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A Simple Life 桃姐

Currently being shown at AMC Cupertino; surprise, surprise, one of the few Chinese movies that are shown in local theaters these days? Indian movies are more profitable for them?

The Making Of, parts 1 and 2

SFWeekly review
'A Simple Life' sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards

Tear My Stillhouse Down

audio track

More from the 2012 Best Ranger Competition

Items of Interest, 17 April 2012

Thomas Fleming, The Decline of the American Empire

Christopher Blum, Man, Proud Man (A review of Domenico Losurdo's Liberalism: A Counter-History)

Mike Church, Restoring Republicanism as the Proper Form of American Governance

Bar Refaeli Unloads on Handsy Airport Screener -- You MUST Be a Lesbian

'Heretics': The Crisis Of American Christianity
Ross Douthat's Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics
(Religion News, Christianity Today)
He'll be on C-Span.

Joel Salatin on Life: Participate Viscerally
Joel Salatin responds to New York Times’ ‘Myth of Sustainable Meat’

Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex

Health Care in the Age of Decline

PJB, Bibi's Dilemma -- and Barack's

First Solar's Loan Guarantees: Money Laundering For Obama Cronies

The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret

Kelley Vlahos, Forget Katniss, We Need Montag

Daniel Larison, Would Romney’s Foreign Policy Be Significantly Different?

The Passion of Cesar Chavez

Commentary: The world is finite, isn't it? by Tadeusz Patzek (EB)
The Trouble with Money by Chris Martenson
Small scale farmers organise the International Peasant Day of Struggle
Getting Our Land Back (EB)
How we can bring the world out of the mess in which it finds itself by Tuhi-Ao Bailey (EB)
Limits to Growth – of stuff, value, and GDP by Brian Czech (EB)
David Holmgren: The reverse of globalization by Karen Rybold-Chin (EB)

Clothesline art, laundry activism, cash savings by Lindsay Curren (EB)

Connecting with community through storytelling by Mary Logan (EB)
Storytellers like Robert M. Peters...

Patrick Deneen, Against Great Books

Sophia Institute Press Becomes Publishing Division of Two Leading Catholic Colleges

It's the first I've heard of Holy Spirit College; I knew Sophia Institute Press had joined with Thomas More last year.

A Guy's Take on Modesty--From a Beach Trip
Father Spitzer: Modern-day Renaissance man
Recognition finally for a warrior priest's heroics
Epiclesis in Eucharistic Prayer I

NLM: The Resurrection in Medieval Art

Gregorios Stathis Byzantine Church Music

Paschal Encyclical of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 2012
Paschal Message of His Holiness KIRILL Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

В діаспорі святкували український Великдень (Відео)

Feminism and Courtship/Misandry:
The Curse of Cohabitation
Shacking Up vs. Tying the Knot

The Pay Gap is a Lie

Feminism in Academic History?
Deviant Women in Courtly and Popular Medieval Castilian Poetry

‘Stronger than men and braver than knights’: women and the pilgrimages to Jerusalem and Rome in the later middle ages

Diet and Health
MDA: Why Fast? Part 6: Choosing a Method


Carolina Chocolate Drops "Lights In The Valley"

Anonymous 4: Celebrating 25 Years of Championing Music
Performing at Stanford tomorrow.

Kickstarter: The Porchligh Sessions (documentary) - FB

US Army:
Army tightens rules on hair, tattoos, makeup


Part 2

How to Look Like You're Special Forces
Your Mancave Needs More Beard

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Katie Melua ft Davy Spillane - Gold in them Hills @ Titanic commemoration (14.04.12)

Homestead Skillshare Festival

Homestead Skillshare Festival
Sat, May 26th from 10am-6pm
Hayes Valley Farm, 450 Laguna Street, SF
A festival to help educate, inspire and spread sustainable living and self-sufficiency skills.

Scheduled Workshops:
Worm bins, bike powered machines, cob ovens, urban composting, urban gardening in the Bay and container gardening, cohousing and intentional communities, fruit trees, seed-saving, food preservation (wine-making, pickling, miso), disaster preparedness, herbal medicine, herb growing, teas and tincture making, bee-keeping and pollination, backyard livestock (with live chickens and ducks), insects as food, sprouting, solar ovens, mushroom cultivation, soap-making, cheese and yogurt making, natural dyes, candle-making, diy green cleaning, natural beauty, nonviolent communication, water catchment, place-making and more! (Habra traduccion en Espanol, limited Cantonese translation).

Eventbrite and FB

Items of Interest, 16 April 2012

The Sexual Revolution and the Will to Disbelieve
Uncanny Tales of the Moral Imagination

The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage

Patrick Deneen, At Home in a World Made Strange

In Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government

Ron Paul: Professor Obama Gets an F

The Celtic Mind (on Adam Smith and Edmund Burke)

Legal Atrocities by Chase Madar

Mark Mitchell, Gender Matters

A review of Jack Donovan's latest (mp3)

JHK on race relations: A Kid with Skittles
Derbyshire, Weissberg, And Dog-Whistling: Conservatism Inc's Uneasy Balancing Act

Norway mass-murder suspect admits to killing 77, claims self-defense.

Dave Walker Guest hosting CNBC’s Squawk Box

The Occupy Movement’s Vacuous Critique of Inequality by Carson Holloway
OWS Critique: Grasping for Straws?
Inequality of persons may be a fact of life, but inequality of wealth can be mitigated, instead of allowing the wealthy to amass more wealth at the expense of those who do not have economic freedom. Mr. Holloway seems to be more of a good Republican than anything else.

Nothing Grows Forever
How San Francisco Can Lead the Sharing Economy
Voice of an Innovator: Sustainability Makes Sense

The Economics of Happiness Conference and The Rise of The Localization Movement

In Transition 2.0 - a story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times DVD

Karen De Coster, “Ingredients” Documentary on Local Food Systems - official site

The Big Lunch, a one-day get-together for neighbors

The Permaculture Revolution Takes Root in Cities
Open Source Permaculture – help to build the most comprehensive free resource for Permaculture education (indiegogo)

Vatican Hoping to Make SSPX Announcement Early Next Week
The Catholic Bride
Traditional Catholicism Is Winning

Orthodox Christians take steps toward unity
Iconography of the Bright Resurrection of Christ.
Orthodox Easter - in pictures
Ethiopian Orthodox Easter
Capella Romana: For Orthodox Easter, Music That Faces East
Gillibrand: Blessing of House by Orthodox Priest
Trusting God Rather Than Seeking Miracles

Diet and Health:
Karen De Coster, Benefits of the Paleo-Primal Lifestyle and Great Health

Paleo, Low Carb and Gluten Free Chain Restaurants: eating out while traveling

What’s Your Walk Score? by Tom Vanderbilt
The company that puts a number on walkability.

(Part 2: Sidewalk Science)

Jimmy Moore’s n=1 Experiments: ‘Safe Starch’ Sweet Potato


SFCV: Musica Poetica: The Baroque Before Bach

Waylon Jennings: 'Goin' Down Rockin' by Joe Leydon

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Blackjack

Earl Scruggs Tributes Archived at WSM Online

Ashley Campbell Hits the Scene (MS)

Ava Aston

AVALANCHE AND EARTHQUAKE – Michael Ruppert and the Lifeboat Hour

Jane Austen:
Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Monday Multimedia: Modern Stuff Edition(too Uhmerican)

HWS Learns English Country Dance
Playford Ball_2012_Ricki and Donn in two-hand turn


How one mathematician’s angry blog post led to 9,000 scientists starting a revolution

Ohio journalist trains with Ottawa County Special Response Team: “SWAT training is adrenaline rush” (video).

Modern-Day Battle Axe

2012 Best Ranger Competition

Duo from USASOC Wins Best Ranger Competition

Winners 2012 Best Ranger Competition

The face of the CA NG:

Changes on the Horizon For Special Operations Command as Force Grows

Vandana Shiva on Industrial Agriculture

The International Society for Ecology and Culture

What is "Gross National Happiness" ? Explained by Morten Sondergaard

Not Proof of Life but a real K&R company

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Brad Barker, the head of HALO Corporation was interviewed. His company deals with personal security and K&R. In fact, they produce the Discovery show, Kidnap and Rescue. He mentioned the company was looking for forward deployed medics and I thought of Sarge.

A preview of the C2C episode:

A promo for K&R:


A TEDx talk:
Rome Reports: Benedict XVI: Celebrating his birthday and election as Pope

Benedict XVI marks 85th birthday with traditional Bavarian music, dancing

Mes Aïeux, Ton Père Est Un Croche

Mes Aïeux : Dégénération à la Fête Nationale du Québec

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